World of American Football

QB Justin Sottilare had 84 pass attempts to break German Football League record


Here are some stories from American Football being played around the world:

AUSTRIA:  With four games left in the 2017 regular season in the Austrian Football League, there is a new/old rushing leader as Mödling Rangers QB Dylan Potts has regained the lead in the week-to-week battle with fellow quarterback Garrett Safron of the Dacia Vienna Vikings. Ljubljana Silverhawks quarterback Zach Cavanaugh holds onto the passing yardage lead and for the second week in a row Rangers wideout Roman Namdar still tops all receivers. The surprising SonicWall Mödling Rangers have five players among the Top 5 in the four categories while the Traun Steelsharks and Ljubljana Silverhawks have four each. Then comes the Dacia Vienna Vikings with three, the Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants with two and the Swarco Raiders and Bratislava Monarchs with one each.

CROATIA:  The newest member of the Croatian American Football League, the undefeated  Zaprešić Saints will take on the defending champion Split Sea Wolves in CroBowl VI Saturday in Zaprešić. In the only game between the two during the regular season, the Saints edged Split 20-18 in a thriller. Zaprešić quarterback Marko Miletic threw a touchdown pass to Dominik Hadrovic with less than a minute remaining in the game for the win.  The Sea Wolves won the title in 2016 beating the Osijek Cannons.

FRANCE:  The La Courneuve Flash scored on their first two possessions and went on to defeat the  Saint-Ouen-L’Aumône Cougars 43-12 in a crucial game in the race for playoff spots in France’s  FFFA – Fédération Française de Football Américain. With the win, the Flash improve to 6-2 with two games left in the season and now sit in second in the standings behind the 7-1 Thonon Black Panthers. Saint-Ouen falls to 4-3-1 and in fifth place and in danger of missing the playoffs for the second year in a row. The Cougars won back-to-back French titles in 2015 and 2016. Flash quarterback Paul Durand threw five touchdown passes, two each to Kevin Mwamba and Stéphane Fortes and one to Mickael Doukoure. A fumble recovery for a touchdown and a field goal by Matthieu Lamy accounted for the other points for la Courneuve.

GERMANY:  The Allgäu Comets won their first game of the German Football League season Sunday against the Ingolstadt Dukes 52-42, but they also made history doing so, setting records and stirring up a firestorm of interest. Comets quarterback Justin Sottilare broke his own German Football League record for pass attempts in the game by throwing 84 passes. His previous record was 69 when he was playing for the Saarland Hurricanes in 2014.

ITALY:  The Milano Seamen and Milano Rhinos each have four total representatives in the four categories followed by the Lazio Ducks, Parma Panthers and Firenze Guelfi who have three each.  The Ancona Dolphins follow with two while the Torino Giaguari now have one representative. The Milano Seamen lead the league standings with a 8-0 record followed by the 7-1 Parma Panthers, 6-2 Bolzano Giants and the Guelfi  who are at 4-4 and in fourth.

SPAIN:  The Murcia Cobras and Badalona Dracs, Europe #15, have advanced to the  2018 Spanish Bowl after winning their semifinal games last weekend. The Dracs showed no mercy in trouncing Madrid’s Osos Rivas while Murcia were pushed to the limit against a stubborn LF OLED Black Demons squad. The defending Spanish champions, Badalona Dracs, were merciless against Osos Rivas from Madrid who were playing without their all star quarterback Gabe Losada. Losada was injured in the quarterfinals. Without Losada, Osos were simply outgunned by the powerful Dracs squad. With Sergi Gonzalo directing the offense, Brandon Ravenel scored twice on pass receptions while Lorenzo Melchiorre scored two on the ground. Melchiorre also threw touchdown passes to Guillem Garcia. Albert Pascual scored another touchdown on a pick six. With the win, Badalona will be making its 16th appearance in the Spanish championship game and sixth consecutive. The Dracs have won the title nine times and will be seeking their third straight.

SWEDEN:  The Göteborg Marvels snapped a three game losing streak by edging the Uppsala 86ers 8-7 and earned their first win of the 2018 season in the Swedish Superserien. With the win, the Marvels climbed out of the basement in the standings with Uppsala now trailing them. Marvels starting running back Gerard Johnson turned into the hero of the game for Göteborg as he was pressed into service at quarterback, scoring his team’s only touchdown. He also threw for 89 yards. Starter Jonathan Anderson struggled and was replaced at halftime after throwing for 84 yards but also two interceptions on consecutive drives. Alpha Jalloh scored the all-important two point conversion.

TURKEY:  The Turkish American Football League kicks off its 2018 season this weekend as American football keeps growing in popularity in Turkey. The eight-team league has been dominated in recent years by the Koc Rams who won the title in 2017 and have not lost a regular season game in Turkey since 2012. The Rams have won the last two championships and with new head coach John Booker are aiming for another title this season with the addition of several imports. The Rams have signed quarterback David Whipple from Miles College along with two Swedish national team players, DB Nicholas Peterson and OL Eric Blomgren.

Europe’s Top 20 Poll

  1. Schwabisch Hall Unicorns (Germany)
  2. Braunschweigh NY Lions (Germany)
  3. Helsinki Roosters (Finland)
  4. Vienna Vikings (Austria)
  5. Tirol Swarco Raiders (Austria)
  6. Frankfurt Universe (Germany)
  7. Carlstad Crusaders (Sweden)
  8. Dresden Monarchs (Germany)
  9. Milano Seamen (Italy)
  10. Berlin Rebels (Germany)
  11. Calanda Broncos (Switzerland)
  12. Wroclaw Panthers (Poland)
  13. Marburg Mercenaries (Germany)
  14. Cologne Crocodiles (Germany)
  15. Badalona Dracs (Spain)
  16. Copenhagen Towers (Denmark)
  17. Potsdam Royals (Germany)
  18. Kiel Baltic Hurricanes (Germany)
  19. Prague Black Panthers (Czech)
  20. Koc Rams (Turkey)

Royal Wedding, Air Conditioning and (some) Predators Win A Cup

Picture1I got up early before I normally do on a Saturday morning and watched the Royal Wedding with my wife. Like millions of other people around the world I watched as his royalness Harry marry Meghan Markle. To say there was a lot of hype is an understatement. It is still nice to see something like this happen in this day we live. I do think the “Most Holy Reverend” Michael Curry went somewhat overboard in using the wedding as a platform for himself and his agenda. It was a wedding – not a revival meeting. He totally lost sight about the reason he was there. And what’s up with that title? Most Holy Reverend?

I LOVE air conditioning. I often say it was the greatest invention ever. After doing a few errands this weekend, I was happy to go back inside into the cold air.  I like that “aaaaahhh” feeling when you come inside to air conditioning.  I am also puzzled who thought it was a good idea to change our shopping to outdoor malls. Whose idea was that?

It made my day to see the Vegas Golden Knights defeat the Winnipeg Jets to eliminate the Jets from the National Hockey League (NHL) Stanley Cup playoffs. I am thrilled that the Jets now taste the bitterness of defeat since they did the same thing to the Nashville Predators in the last round.

Speaking of the Predators, I read that three of the players – Filip Forsberg, Viktor Arviddsson and Mattias Ekholm led Sweden to the World Hockey championship. I’m sorry but this just sticks in my crawl a bit. They couldn’t win the Stanley Cup for the Predators with their million dollar contracts but they could win this? Yeah, I’m still bitter. I could really care less if they won Nintendo hockey. I don’t dare share this opinion on the Nashville Predators Facebook page. Those folks like to live in fantasyland and anyone that’s critical is labeled a bandwagon fan. Heck no I’m not congratulating these guys for winning a cup, plate or whatever for Sweden.

I just took a swig of V8’s Eengery Sparkling White Grape Raspberry drink.  Somehow it fell into my cart while I was grocery shopping last night.  It says it contains one canned serving of veggies & fruit.  I don’t know about that but I do know that I was launched into earth’s orbit drinking it.  Could it be because of the 80 grams of caffeine?

Speaking of grocery shopping…..I think it should be classified as a contact sport.  I nearly got taken out in the frozen food aisle.  Silly me for thinking people would drive their carts on the right side of the aisle like they do with their cars on the roads.  Wait….they don’t do that either!

It amazes me how people are okay for you to have an opinion about a subject until it is opposed to their opinion?  Think I’m kidding?  Go on Facebook and post your views about guns, politics, sports and see how much crap you will stir up.

Oh, speaking of crap….when I was at Home Depot yesterday, there is one of those non-denominational churches next door and they have the preacher’s sermon blaring through speakers so people outside shopping for top soil and gardenias can hear his propoganda.  I had tuned it out until I heard him say:  “Have you heard about those prosperity ministries?  They are a bunch of crap Amen?  Yep, you heard me say it.  Crap.  If you’re taking notes it’s spelled c-r-a-p.”   Hmmm, he’s the kettle calling the pot crap?  His speakers are sitting on top of his ministries’ complex and he’s calling what he’s doing crap?  By the way, that stuff is on aisle 7 next to the garden soil.

Ever notice that drivers are doing everything except driving their cars?  I know right.  I had to quit texting to brake for someone talking on their phone.

Do you have that guy in your office that always asks you on Monday what you did over the weekend?  How are you supposed to answer this guy?  What does he want from you?  I’m sure he’s not wanting to hear I went to Home Depot and got some plants and dirt.  It’s too much pressure I’m telling you!  I have no answer for him.  He’s looking for something big and I have no response for that!

I’m ready to move to a city that isn’t a tourist attraction.  I have had my fill of “yeeeeee-his” and cowboy boots.

Today we are celebrating Carol’s 11th birthday.  Carol is our pudu at the zoo.

Friday Flashback: 1980s Boston Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers Rivalry

celtics-lakersI used to follow the National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs – especially in the 1980s.  Okay, I will confess that I was actually an Atlanta Hawks’ fan but let’s just keep that between us okay?

In the 1980s, the most intense rivalry was between the Boston Celtics led by Larry Bird and the Los Angeles Lakers with Magic Johnson with “Showtime”.  The NBA finals between these two teams were always epic.  When this time of year rolls around I always think back to these games.  These two teams faced each other in three NBA finals in the 1984, 1985 and 1987.  The Lakers won two of three in these matchups.

1984In the 1984 finals,  this was the first time with the Magic Johnson–Larry Bird pair facing off in the finals. After the Lakers won Game 1, a crucial steal in Game 2 led to a tie game and the Celtics were able to win in overtime to tie the series. The Lakers won Game 3 easily and almost won Game 4, but were again thwarted. Now tied 2-2, the Lakers and Celtics each held serve at their home court to send the series to Boston for Game 7. Game 5 was a classic, with Bird coming up with a huge game in one of the (literally) hottest games ever (97 °F (36 °C)) in the non-air conditioned Boston Garden. Game 7 was also contested in hot temperatures that hovered around 91 °F (33 °C). The score was close but the contest eventually went to the Celtics. Cedric Maxwell scored 24 points against the Los Angeles Lakers in the decisive Game 7 victory.

  1. May 27, 1984 at Boston:  Lakers 115, Celtics 109
  2. May 31, 1984 at Boston:  Celtics 124, Lakers 121 ot
  3. June 3, 1984 at Los Angeles:  Lakers 137, Celtics 104
  4. June 6, 1984 at Los Angeles:  Celtics 129, Lakers 125 ot
  5. June 8, 1984 at Boston:  Celtics 121, Lakers 103
  6. June 10, 1984 at Los Angeles:  Lakers 119, Celtics 108
  7. June 12, 1984 at Boston:  Celtics 111, Lakers 102

(Celtics win series 4 gams to 3)

Los Angeles Lakers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 1985 NBA FinalsThe following year, the Boston Celtics were looking to repeat as NBA Champions for the first time since the 1968–69 season. The Celtics had homecourt advantage for the second year in a row as they finished the regular season with a 63-19 record while the Los Angeles Lakers compiled a 62-20 record. The Lakers looked to bounce back from the previous year’s painful loss to the Celtics in the championship series, and were still seeking to beat Boston for the first time ever in NBA Finals history.   In the series clincher the Lakers held the Celtics to just 18 third quarter points to blow open a game tied at halftime. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored 29 points and James Worthy 28 as Los Angeles became the first opposing team clinch a title in the Boston Garden. Magic Johnson dished out a game-high 14 assists. Celtics’ forward Kevin McHale scored 32 points and grabbed 16 rebounds–both game-highs–before fouling out in the fourth quarter. Larry Bird’s dismal shooting continued as he hit just 12 of 29 shots.

  1. May 27, 1985 at Boston:  Celtics 148, Lakers 114
  2. May 30, 1985 at Boston:  Lakers 109, Celtics 102
  3. June 2, 1985 at Los Angeles:  Lakers 136, Celtics 111
  4. June 5, 1985 at Los Angeles:  Celtics 107, Lakers 105
  5. June 7, 1985 at Los Angeles:  Lakers 120, Celtics 111
  6. June 9, 1985 at Boston:  Lakers 111, Celtics 100

(Lakers win series 4 games to 2)

Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics - 1987 NBA FinalsAfter winning the championship over the Houston Rockets in 1986, the Celtics once again faced the Lakers in the 1987 finals and seeking to repeat.  The Lakers finished the regular season with a league-best 65–17 record. Head coach Pat Riley made a pair of strategical moves, shifting the offensive focus to Magic Johnson, while acquiring center Mychal Thompson via trade midway through the season. Both moves helped alleviate the load off of the aging Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who turned 40 during the playoffs. Also taking a greater role in the Showtime offense were A. C. Green and Byron Scott, who supplanted Kurt Rambis and Michael Cooper in the starting lineup. With a 3 games to 2 lead, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar arrived for Game 6 with a shaved head and a determination to close out this series. For a while, though, it appeared like the Celtics would steal it. Magic Johnson had only four points at the half and Dennis Johnson poured in 18 for the Celtics on his way to a game-high 33 as Boston led 56-51 at intermission.  The Lakers scored the first two baskets of the second half to cut it to 56-55. On the Celtics’ ensuing possession, the ball came loose toward the sideline and James Worthy gave chase. Worthy went to the floor, batted the ball inbounds to a breaking Magic Johnson, and Magic slammed home a breakaway dunk. This gave the Lakers their first lead of the game since 13-12, 57-56, and they never trailed from that point, winning 106-93.

  1. June 2, 1987 at Los Angeles:  Lakers 126, Celtics 113
  2. June 4, 1987 at Los Angeles:  Lakers 141, Celtics 122
  3. June 7, 1987 at Boston:  Celtics 109, Lakers 103
  4. June 9, 1987 at Boston:  Lakers 107, Celtics 106
  5. June 11, 1987 at Boston:  Celtics 123, Lakers 108
  6. June 14, 1987 at Los Angeles:  Lakers 106, Celtics 93

(Lakers win series 4 games to 2)

The Celtics and Lakers would not meet again in the NBA Finals until 2010.

In the 1980s, the Lakers appeared in eight NBA Finals winning five titles.  The Celtics played in five finals winning three.




When God Is Silent

manSilence isn’t always golden. Especially if you are a believer. I don’t care who you are, there comes those times in our relationship with God when things get stale. It happens. It’s one of those dry spells everyone goes through. Even the most religious person goes through it. When I was in the Pentecostal Church they had folks who were “on fire for God”. So what happens when that fire isn’t so hot?

One of the most important things I have learned about going through times like these is to keep talking to God. Silence is dangerous and leaves you open for temptation if you aren’t careful. Keep talking to God even if it feels like a one-way conversation or if you feel absolutely nothing. Whatever ritual you have in praying, keep it up.

During these silent times you simply have to push through. It is difficult and very frustrating – believe me. I totally dread the times of silence. If you go to church you hate it or you look for reasons to miss. It’s not an easy time.

Another thing that always seems to work for me is to find a new song. I usually go to the latest Christian music releases on iTunes and see what song touches me. I love it when I find that favorite new song or a new artist. Music is something that will stir my soul.

The times of silence aren’t fun but you can get through it. I have often wondered why we even had these times. Sometimes God withdraws himself from us on purpose to help us to focus more on Him or on an area in our lives that needs some improvement. He doesn’t necessarily leave us but at times He may not be as present with us as He is at other times. Do I always understand it? Not really. Can I adequately explain it? Hardly.

Sometimes it’s just the fact that we are human. Can I be brutally honest here? Frankly it gets boring. We talk to God and we hear nothing. It can get to where we feel like we are talking to ourselves. He’s God and we’re human. We aren’t on the same level so we can easily get out of synch. When things get boring or when our human emotions temper our relationship with God, we have to push our way through it. Change things up. Study the examples in the Bible when people went through the same situation.

The final thing that always seems to get the spiritual mojo again is thinking of others. It could be volunteering or simply being kind to someone. Reach out to someone who is hurting. Be the Jesus in human form to someone else. It doesn’t have to be religious to make a difference to someone. Quite honestly it is rare in today’s selfie world to find someone that is kind and thoughtful to others.

Maintaining a relationship with God isn’t always easy. The silent times are hard work but it is so important to get through them and make your relationship with God worth the effort.

In the old days, we used to wait for a week of revival meetings to get energized again. Sadly it sometimes was nothing more than a spiritual pep rally to stir up emotions only to leave when the revival was over. We shouldn’t depend upon a dynamic evangelist to do it for us or to be hoodwinked that we should “sow a seed” into someone’s ministry. Contrary to what they may think, a relationship with God can’t be bought. It just takes some inner strength and discipline to do it.

As I am writing this, I am going through the silent period. I have been around long enough to recognize it. I hate it too. When it happens, I want it to be over as quickly as possible. I annoy myself with how inconsistent things are right now. I still keep the faith and keep doing the things I know to do to get through it and I will. You have to be determined.

Yesterday I was sitting in the car waiting for my wife when I heard the song “Broken Prayers” by Riley Clemmons. The chorus says:

You want my tears, every messy word

Every scar and every fear

You want all I have

With no holding back

When I’m hurt, at my worst

You meet me there

‘Cause you see the beauty

In my broken prayers

In my broken prayers

You can watch the lyric version of this song here.

It is tempting that when things are silent in our relationship with God that we feel abandoned by Him. This couldn’t be further from the truth. He may be testing us by allowing us to see the things in ourselves that we need to work on. The silence exposes our fears and gaps in our faith. Life always has a lesson for us. The only way we get better and grow is when we learn from those lessons.

Does this make me feel any better about the silent times? No, not really. I may understand it better but it still doesn’t mean I like it.  Regardless, we still have to push through it.

Obscure Sports News (5/16/18)

Rochester Knighthawks edge Georgia Swarm 9-8 to advance to National Lacrosse League final


Alliance of American Football (AAF) – Announced that they will place a team in Salt Lake City, Utah when they begin play next spring.  Salt Lake City joins Orlando, Atlanta and Memphis and will play at Rice Eccles Stadium, which is the home field for the University of Utah.  The Memphis team has announced that former Chicago Bears’ great Mike Singletary will be their head coach.

American Arena League (AAL) – The Georgia Doom upset the Richmond Roughriders 56-44 in Macon, Georgia after the Doom replaced head coach Derek Stingley with Defensive Coordinator Gerald Dockery.

American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) – The Toronto Rush (4-0) held on to defeat the Montreal Royal 21-18 to stay undefeated and atop the East Division standings.  Montreal drops to 2-3.  In other divisions, the surprising Atlanta Hustle are tied with the Dallas Roughnecks at 4-1 in the South.  Madison is 5-0 in the Midwest but Indianapolis (6-1) is right on their heels.  The West seems to be wide open as 2.5 games separate the first and last place teams.  The Los Angeles Aviators and San Diego Growlers are tied for first with 4-2 records.

Arena Football League (AFL) – The Albany Empire (2-2) defeated the Washington Valor (0-4) 53-42 on Friday night at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. in front of a crowd of 9,036. Empire quarterback Tommy Grady threw for 257 yards and seven touchdowns earning himself the game MVP award. Empire receiver Malachi Jones had six receptions for 120 yards and three receiving touchdowns, while chipping one rushing touchdown and earning himself Offensive Player of the Game. Terence Moore was named Defensive Player of the Game with six total tackles and a fumble recovery.

Champions Indoor Football (CIF) -The Omaha Beef made just enough plays to edge out the Bismarck Bucks in an offensive explosion 79-78.  After a tough game last week against Sioux City, John Gibbs showed what he can potentially be for Omaha. A week ago, Gibbs had one touchdown in the air and two on the ground, but it was the three interceptions that hurt the Beef the most. Saturday night, Gibbs had eight total touchdowns (7-passing/1-rushing) and most importantly, no interceptions. Gibbs found receivers Daniel Mckinney, Brandlynn Clark and Jerimiah Eaton open all game. Mckinney lead the receivers in receptions (6) and total touchdowns (5), Clark added two touchdowns, and so did Eaton, with one of his touchdown catches coming with under 10-seconds left in the game.

Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) – The online, fan-involved indoor football league has delayed their start date to the summer of 2019.

Indoor Football League (IFL) – The six-time world champion league leading Arizona Rattlers (9-1) defeated the Green Bay Blizzard (1-8) by a score of 62-26 at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Rattlers have extended their current win streak to eight.

Major League Lacrosse (MLL) – The Denver Outlaws fell 24-22 in a back-and-forth, high-scoring game to the Chesapeake Bayhawks on Sunday at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Despite scoring a season-high 22 goals and rallying from a five-score fourth-quarter deficit, Denver was never able to overcome a Chesapeake 13-point third quarter and four two-goal tallies. Midfielder Drew Snider led all scorers with a career-high six goals-representing only the 20th six-goal game in Outlaws history.

Major League Rugby (MLR) – The Glendale Raptors were named the Major League Rugby Team of the Week the league announced today. The Raptors have jumped out to a perfect 4-0 start after a 31-27 win against the San Diego Legion. Facing a 21-10 deficit in the second half, Glendale used strong defensive pressure paired with timely stops to swing the momentum of the match. Down three with under 10 minutes to play, Raptors’ flanker Zach Fenoglio finished off a sequence of phase play with a try and the ensuing conversion proved to be enough for Glendale.

National Arena League (NAL) – The Columbus Lions stunned the Carolina Cobras 55-54 when Columbus quarterback Mason Espinosa found Durron Neal for a 19-yard touchdown pass as time expired then kicker Lindsey Wolfe made the extra point for the win.

National Lacrosse League (NLL) – The Rochester Knighthawks edged the Georgia Swarm 9-8 in the Eastern Division final while the Saskatchewan Rush knocked off the Calgary Roughnecks in the West final.  Rochester and Saskatchewan will faceoff for the NLL title with Game 1 at Saskatchewan on May 26th.

National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) – Added the Minnesota Whitecaps to the league as their fifth team joining Boston, Buffalo, Connecticut and Metropolitan in 2018-2019.  The Whitecaps were already an independent team which started in 2004 and played in the short-lived Western Women’s Hockey League in 2010-2011.

National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) – The Orlando Pride (3-2-3, 12 points) earned a 2-1 win over Portland Thorns FC on Saturday afternoon, defeating the 2017 National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) champions in front of over 17,000 fans at Providence Park. The match not only marked the Pride’s first win over Portland in Club history, but extended the team’s unbeaten streak to five straight games. Forward Alex Morgan and midfielder Christine Nairn got on the score sheet for the Pride, both putting in their first goals of the 2018 season.

Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) – The Los Angeles Sparks and defending champion Minnesota Lynx will tip-off the league’s 21st season on May 20th.  The league will again have 12 teams with the only relocation being the Las Vegas Aces which moved from San Antonio.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?


When I was a child, adults would often ask me this question. Now that I am in my 50s I am not asked that question anymore. Now that would be a little creepy wouldn’t it?  When this blog is posted, I will be on my way to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. This brings back memories of when I would answer that question that I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. I never quite made it there. Honestly I STILL don’t know what I want to be and now  that I’m all grown up – or am I?

I grew up during the Apollo Moon missions in the late 1960s and 1970s. I was glued to the television for the launch, moon landings and splashdowns of every Apollo mission. I was fascinated by the space stuff. I remember that I had to have Tang instant drink because that’s what the astronauts drank. I went crazy when Tang included a toy model of the lunar rover on the package. My mother used to tell me that if I wanted to become an astronaut that I would have to ride the Scream Machine rollercoaster at Six Flags over Georgia. At the time, it was the highest rollercoaster there. I did eventually ride the Scream Machine but it never furthered my career path to becoming an astronaut.

When I look back, I can see that I have taken many twists and turns along life’s journey. So the answer of what I wanted to be when I grew up has changed many, many times over the years.

As my excitement over being an astronaut faded, I later wanted to be a professional football player. That lasted until I tried to play and came to the painful reality that my body would never match my desire to do it. I later thought I would make a career of the military when I joined the Air Force. The job I signed up for was to be a bomb loader which I thought sounded cool and exciting but when I entered active duty I was told that job was no longer reserved for me and I had to pick another career field. I had maybe five minutes to choose another career field or get out of the Air Force. I didn’t have much to choose from in the list. The choices were security police, fireman, cook or administrative specialist. I would like to say I had a profound reason for choosing admin specialist but honestly it was because they had the shortest technical school.

Let me be honest, being an admin specialist was BORING. I hated it. It was nothing more than being a secretary at times. Fortunately, the admin career field had many other options. One was working in the post office. I volunteered for a remote assignment in Thule, Greenland to get into postal work with the idea that I might transition that to working for the postal service when I got out of the military.  After working in the post office, I know now why people “go postal”. Working in a post office for one year settled it for me. I didn’t want to be a postal worker when I grew up either.

When I came back to the states I was assigned to a mobility unit in Georgia as an admin specialist again. I had no idea what a mobility unit was until I went to training and spent a week digging fix holes and running through the woods. I was in the Air Force version of the Army. Although I liked the people I worked with, I hated being an admin specialist. One day I saw and ad in the base bulletin for a special duty assignment with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). They were the FBI of the Air Force. I volunteered and spent the final years of my Air Force time with that agency. I got to do a lot of cool things and worked with a bunch of good people. Some asked if I was going to become an agent but honestly I never considered it. It wasn’t something I thought I wanted to do. During the time with the AFOSI, our office worked with one of the Assistant United States Attorneys from the local office. She was pretty awesome and I had a lot of respect for her and the work that she did. I was impressed. So much so that I wanted to work in her office.

it took a while before I made it there. When I left active duty, there were no openings in that office. I ended up working with a private investigative agency in Atlanta. I was given a private investigators license and given assignments. Let me assure you it was NOTHING like it was on TV. I was terrible in following people. Surveillance was boring and being a process server was not a fun experience. Did you know that no one is happy to be served with a subpoena? I once drove to Zebulon, Georgia to serve a subpoena. I knocked on the door and when I had confirmed I had the right person, I handed the subpoena and then heard the recipient ask his daughter to go get his gun. That was probably the point when I was ready to move onto something else.

Fortunately, I got the chance to work with them U.S. Attorney’s Office even if I was back in an administrative job again as a legal assistant. Yeah, I still hated it and was constantly looking for a move to something else. I thought maybe a move to a paralegal position would be it. I studied and took some paralegal assignments but when I attended my first paralegal training, that fizzled rather quickly along with the blue book and sherpardizing or whatever they called it. I called it snoozeville. Not for me. So I continued as a legal assistant.

Something unexpected happened while I was working as a legal assistant, I found a job with the local newspaper and started working part-time in the sports department.  I would eventually become a part-time sports writer which I truly enjoyed doing.  I would have to say that of all my jobs, the sport writing was the job I enjoyed the most.  I attempted to go full-time but those doing the hiring didn’t think I was ready.  That hurt me but I pressed on.  This is probably why most of my blog entries are about sports-related topics.

I was still stuck in the legal assistant job during the day.  I eventually found my opening when I would help our IT person with various projects.  I also assisted the attorney’s with graphics they could use in trial.  This eventually led me to become a computer specialist.  This was better suited for me that being a legal assistant.  As technology progressed, there came a need for a litigation technology specialist who could help the attorney’s with graphics, document management and trial presentations.  That’s where I am today.  It has been a career field that fit me.  It has been challenging and exciting.  I have been involved in many high-profile trials in the offices where I have worked.

I have also stayed involved with writing.  The part-time job as a sports writer lit some sort of fuse inside of me.  I have had the opportunity to have articles published in magazines as well as self-publishing some novels.  Sure, I would love to be a full-time PAID writer but so do millions of other writers.

So when you ask me what I want to be when I grow up?  What do I say?  So far it has been:

  • Astronaut
  • Professional Football Player
  • Bomb Loader
  • Administrative Specialist
  • Private Investigator
  • Legal Assistant
  • Paralegal
  • Computer Specialist
  • Sportswriter
  • Litigation Technology Specialist
  • Writer
  • ?

My life has taken some interesting twists and turns along the way.  As I was growing up many people assumed that I would become a preacher since my father and grandfather were also preachers.  I can assure you that I never desired that path.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that calling, it was just never my calling.

So what do I want to be when I grow up?  Today I am exactly two years from being eligible to retire from my current job.  Check back with me then and we will see what’s next on the list.

Cairo Hell Hounds Win First Egyptian Bowl title

Yes, believe it or not they do play American-style football in Egypt.  That’s right.  The country with the Pyramids.  They actually played Egypt’s version of the Super Bowl this weekend:

Cairo Hell Hounds Claim First Egyptian Bowl Title


Cairo Hell Hounds 12, Cairo Wolves 0

The Hell Hounds capped an undefeated season by shutting out the Wolves 12-0 to capture Egyptian Bowl IV, earning their first Egyptian National Football League title.

With the win, the Hounds broke the three-year title stranglehold of the GUC Eagles. The Hell Hounds beat the Eagles once during the regular season and again in the playoffs to reach the final.

The Hell Hounds entered the game riding a season-long unbeaten streak but faced a much tougher Wolves team than expected. The Hell Hounds were led by quarterback Matthew Kershey who threw two touchdown passes to Abdelraouf Hassan while the defense kept the Wolves off the scoreboard.

Kershey is a veteran of International American Football finishing his sixth season overseas.  His first season was with the Kraljevo Royal Crowns in Serbia’s first division in 2013.  He has also played in Russia, Germany, France and Poland.  He played in 2017 for the Moscow Bruins.  Kershey is originally from Pennsylvania and a graduate of Lackawanna Junior College and Westmoreland College.

Final Standings:

  • East
    • MSA Tigers (3-2-0)
    • Cairo Wolves (3-2-0)
    • Cairo Warriors (1-4-0)
    • Gezira Thunder (0-5-0)
  • West
    • Cairo Hell Hounds (5-0-0)
    • GUC Eagles (4-1-0)
    • Cairo Bears (3-2-0)
    • AUC Titans (1-4-0)
  • Playoffs:
    • Cairo Hell Hounds 14, GUC Eagles 10
    • Cairo Wolves 27, MSA Tigers 6

The Egyptian Federation of American Football (EFAF) is the governing body of the sport of American Football in Egypt, sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The Egyptian Federation of American football (EFAF) owns and operates American Football Leagues in Egypt; tackle and flag, including players, coaches, officials and administrators.

Since being founded in 2014, EFAF has firmly planted itself on solid ground. It started the Egyptian National Football League (ENFL): an organized men’s league with three successfully concluded seasons. EFAF also collaborated with American Football without Barriers (AFWB), the non-profit spearheaded by Gary Barnidge of the Cleveland Browns and Breno Giacomini of the New York Jets – at the time – to organize a four-day camp with professional football players in Egypt that included a coaching clinic as well as players’ camps for juniors as well as more advanced players.

EFAF also organized the first ever international club-level match between the Cairo Wolves and the Amman Barracudas (Jordan) in early 2016 at the Olympic Stadium in Maadi, which the Cairo Wolves won 40-20. And to continue its series of achievements, EFAF successfully organized the first ever flag football league for women in Africa and the Middle East, the Egyptian Flag Football League (EFFL) which had about 100 participating athletes in three teams.

EFAF has also succeeded in drawing several professional American coaches, leading to 4 out of the league’s 6 men’s teams having American coaches in the 2016 season. The 2016/2017 ENFL season also saw the appearance of import players on the American football scene: Foreign players who come to Egypt to play football under contract. Three teams had import players in the 2017 season. EFAF has been organizing officiating courses to increase the pool of local talent that is able to understand and apply the rules of the sport.

EFAF is currently composed of 8 affiliated teams, with more than 800 registered members. EFAF is a socially responsible organization seeking the expansion, popularization, and development of American Football in Egypt.