Half Off Day At The GW

I’m sitting here after looking through clothes, books and other items at Goodwill.  We often come here because you can actually find something good. On the first Saturday of each month it is half off day.  These stores are crowded.  Even now I can see the line which is easily 30 people long.  No doubt it is a popular day to shop.

I find no shame in shopping at Goodwill.  If it fits and in good condition, no one is going to tell the difference.   A designer shirt for 99 cents will be just as good as fifty bucks at the store.   No problem in that at all.

When you look at the store, you see that people get rid of a lot of stuff.   There never seems to be a shortage.  The only problem is finding something that is in style this decade.   That’s where the hunt comes in.  Sorting through endless clothes sorted by sizes and colors.  You have to be patient and in shape to push hundreds of hangers past.

Today I’m just not into it mentally or physically.  That’s why I am writing this blog entry.   I have never written at Goodwill.



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I feel compelled to write. It's just something I do. I have always heard that "everything happens for a reason". I feel like I write for a reason.

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