Best thing since sliced bread

clicklistI’m not a big fan of promoting any grocery store but I have to say that the new “Clicklist” service from Kroger has been pretty amazing.

Clicklist is the service where you can order your groceries on the Kroger website and pickup at a designated area at the store.  I have done this the past four times and it has been the most convenient service offered without costing any extra (which I suspect will change once customers are hooked).  But, I have enjoyed avoiding the dread of going into the store and fight with other shoppers to buy groceries.  Every two weeks it has been a sinking feeling when we knew we had to get groceries.

Some of the advantages of doing our grocery shopping using “Clicklist” are:

Our grocery bill is less.   This is largely due to the fact that we are not tempted to do any impulse buying of things that we see in the store that we didn’t have on the list to buy.  This results in buying only the items on our list.

No pushing the cart down the aisles.   The worst part of grocery shopping is dealing with others who think they are the only ones in the store.  Avoiding the “label readers” and “aisle blockers” have been a huge advantage to using this service.

Don’t have to get out of the car.   The groceries are brought out to you.  Loaded in your vehicle and pay the bill.   Easy.

Some of the disadvantages are:

Impulse buying of things.   Yes, sometimes this can be a disadvantage because you don’t always think of the things using your list.  Seeing it jogs our memories or thinking of other things we need.

Substitutions or out -of-stock items.   You are at the mercy of the employees for finding the items on your list and/or selecting the appropriate substitutions.  Sometimes you don’t get what you wanted or you get a different size.  I will have to say that – so far – they have done a pretty good job with this.

Yes, you still have to put on pants and actually DRIVE to the store to pick up the groceries.  I joked with my wife that it took a WHOLE 10 minutes to get the groceries.  I was kidding about the complaint.

I will keep using this service and going to Kroger as long as they don’t get crazy and charge a ridiculous surcharge for it.  I expect they will at some point but I’m willing to pay a little extra for this convenience.

So, the next time you need sliced bread (and other groceries) try out this “Clicklist” service at your local participating Kroger store.

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