Can’t We Just Pee In Peace?

  No.  Apparently we cannot. 

There is a huge debate being made by lawmakers and protesters regarding the issue of transgenders choosing which bathroom they want to use. 

I am not debating the issue of transgenders.  That’s between them and God.  

The public bathroom is where I want to spend the least amount of time as possible.  I don’t even want to be there with any people of any kind.  I want to just do my business and go.  If they are going to make a law, I wish they would make one against people trying to have a conversation with you while you are doing your business. 

Why do some people think they have to talk?

“What’s up?”

“Ummm. Nothing. I’m just trying to pee.”

I heard a songwriter tell a story of when he was in the bathroom and saw Keith Urban at a urinal.  He waited for him to finish and then talked to him about a song he had written.  

Not a story I would want to tell and I wish I hadn’t heard it. 

There should be no debate over transgenders using the bathroom.  If they pass a law against it, who will be tasked to enforce it?  Will there be a line at the bathroom for an “equipment check”.  Well please don’t put TSA in charge of it. 

There are more important issues to deal with.  Let’s just do our business, flush and move on.  

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