FRIDAY FLASHBACK:  Savannah Braves

 The Savannah Braves played in Savannah, Georgia from 1971 to 1983 at Grayson Stadium.  They were affiliated with the Atlanta Braves in the Southern League (Class AA).  Their best season came in 1978.  Although they finished with an overall record of 72-72, they made the playoffs and a run to the league final before losing to the Knoxville Sox.  They were managed by Bobby Dews.  

Some of the most notable players during the years the Braves operated in Savannah were:

Jim Acker, Steve Bedrosian, Jim Bouton, Ken Dayley, Albert Hall, Glenn Hubbard, Brook Jacoby, Dale Murphy, Craig McMurtry, Larry Owen, Gerald Perry Rafael Ramirez, Milt Thompson.  

Dale Murphy is perhaps the most famous recognized name from that list – especially for Braves’ fans.  Murphy played for the Savannah Braves in 1976.

According to, Savannah Braves’ General Manager Miles Wolff had his first job as General Manager with the Savannah Braves in the early 70s.  He later purchased the Durham (NC) Bulls which became the subject of the movie Bull Durham in 1988. 

In 1984 the Braves moved the team to Greenville, South Carolina.   


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