My Mother’s Day Post

This is the first Mother’s Day since my mother passed away. It really won’t be much different than in recent years since we have had a strained relationship. I wish things could have been different. If I could talk to her today: 

  • I would first tell her I am sorry that we could never resolve the differences we had. I never wanted things to be like they were or to end the way they did.   
  • Although we had a strained relationship most of my adult life, I hope that I have made her proud in the man I have become.   
  • I would thank her for raising me and being my mother when I was a child. She never abused me or mistreated me. She did the best she could. She never put a job or even being the preachers wife ahead of me.   

I remember the time in Temple, Georgia when I was the only student in her Sunday School class. We had our Bible Lesson and then we went outside to play with a cat or the time she went to the school in Homeland, Georgia to fuss out a teacher in my defense.

I will only say good things and dwell on the positive things about her today.

If you have your mother and you have a healthy relationship with her be thankful and do your best to protect it. I couldn’t do that. Life isn’t always a Hallmark card. 

If I could say anything to mothers today I would urge you to allow your sons to be men. Respect the boundaries and don’t assume the worst. As much as you want them to stay little boys, they won’t. They will disappoint you at times in the choices they make but try to understand.   

We can all honor our mother for giving us life and doing the best she knew how to do. No matter the status of your relationship with your mother, she is the one who brought you into this world.

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