Is the NHL season over yet?

No it isn’t.  Last night the San Jose Sharks eliminated the St. Louis Blues to advance to the Stanley Cup final which they will await the winner of Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay.  Yep, the Stanley Cup Finals will begin around Memorial Day weekend.  There was a story yesterday that TV ratings for the NHL playoffs are very low.  One reason given is that there are no major markets like Chicago, New York, LA or Canadian teams in the the playoffs.  Honestly, no one wants to watch the playoffs now unless their team is in it.  One reason people might not be watching is because it is almost summer and people want to be outside or watching sports of the season.  It’s hard to watch hockey on TV when you associate it with a winter sport.

My proposal would be to shorten the NHL playoffs from best-of-7 series to best-of-5 games.  Also ending the regular season the first weekend of April would help keep the playoffs mostly in the month of April where the seasons are changing.   

Or you could just put all the major market/Canadian teams in their own conference so you could guarantee that they would be in the Stanley Cup Final.

Personally I think the ice hockey should end when the ice melts.  

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