American Ultimate Disc League Standings

West Division

  1. San Francisco FlameThrowers (8-0)
  2. Seattle Cascades (6-3)
  3. Vancouver Riptide (3-4)
  4. LA Aviators (2-3)
  5. San Jose Spiders (2-5)
  6. San Diego Growlers (1-7)

East Division

  1. Toronto Rush (8-1)
  2. DC Breeze (6-4)
  3. New York Empire (4-3)
  4. Montreal Royal (4-6)
  5. Ottawa Outlaws (2-5)
  6. Philadelphia Phoenix (0-5)

Midwest Division

  1. Madison Radicals (7-0)
  2. Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (6-3)
  3. Minnesota Wind Chill (6-3)
  4. Indianapolis AlleyCats (5-4)
  5. Chicago Wildfire (3-5)
  6. Detroit Mechanix (3-5)
  7. Cincinnati Revolution (0-11)

South Division

  1. Dallas Roughnecks (9-0)
  2. Raleigh Flyers (6-3)
  3. Atlanta Hustle (4-5)
  4. Austin Sol (4-5)
  5. Jacksonville Cannons (4-5)
  6. Charlotte Express (3-5)
  7. Nashville Nightwatch (1-8)

ESPN3 Game of the Week:  Saturday, June 4 – Pittsburgh at Madison

Nightwatch Report:

Nashville lost in Dallas 34-23 for their sixth straight loss.  For a brief moment on Sunday, the Nightwatch held a lead on the Roughnecks when Jake Wright connected with Blake Waldron for the first score of the game.  It was the first time all season that Dallas had trailed in a game.   The Nightwatch will be off this weekend but return to action next Saturday when they host the Atlanta Hustle.

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