Two years in Nashville

On this date two years ago I started with my current office here in Nashville.   Although I have been with the same agency for the past 25 years, I have had experience with three separate offices during that time.  I spent the first 21 years in Macon, Georgia, two years in Tampa and now two years in Nashville.   I won’t say that I “love” my job but I have done well with it.  I have had a lot of different experiences along the way.  I also learned first-hand that even though I have worked with the same agency, each office has been totally different.  I can’t say much publicly about the work in detail but I can tell you about the nature of people.  

When you move to a new office I have learned that your total experience doesn’t matter to them.  What matters is what group you are a part of.  They don’t see or care about your previous 20+ years of experience.  You have to prove yourself all over again as if you are brand new.   When I started in Nashville I had to replace someone that had been here a while and was told on the very first day that I had big shoes to fill and it would be hard to do.  One day I had enough of that attitude and just made the decision that I knew what I was doing and that I was going to do things my way.  Everything changed after that day.  I am not here to “replace” someone, I’m here to do the job.  If you have a problem with that then I suggest you have tea with the retiree.  

I have also become less involved with the social things now.  It’s work and I don’t want to spend anymore time here than I need to spend.  Work isn’t my life it is the resource that enables me to live my life.  People make way too much of work.  Unless it is mandatory, I don’t go to parties and things that aren’t work-related.  Sorry, but I have learned that those things don’t really make much of a difference.

You really shouldn’t get in trouble if you do your job.

Moving to Nashville has been the right fit.  In the past, it took two years to leave and we were in limbo waiting to move to the next place.  It hasn’t been that way these past two years.  It has been nice to be out of that limbo status.  

So in the past two years what have I learned about living in Nashville?

  • Although it is a big city it has that “small town” feel about it.
  • Yep, they don’t call it Music City for nothing.  Lots of music.
  • You don’t get that Southern Hospitality here as you would expect.  Especially driving on the roads.
  • You get three seasons here….Summer, Fall, Winter and a few days of Spring.
  • We have become a huge Nashville Predators’ fan.
  • Nashville is definitely a tourist location especially from people outside of the USA.
  • Yes I have been to that “American Pickers” place and….(whispering) it is a disappointment.
  • We haven’t seen many celebrities in two years.  We’ve been in the wrong places at the wrong times. 

One thing we know for sure….Nashville is the place for us we just need to figure out the rest as we continue to settle into our lives in the Music City.


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