Friday Flashback:  Georgia State League

In the early days of baseball minor league teams were numerous as the farm system was a little crowded with teams in Class D such as the Georgia State League.  The league existed in different forms from 1906-1956.  The league began in 1906 but folded before the season ended.  The Waycross Machinists were in first place with a 37-12 record when the league folded.  The next version began in 1914 and the Americus Muckalees won the first title.

The most notable player in the Georgia State League was Major League Hall of Famer Willie McCovey who played for the Sandersville Giants in 1955.  

The league champions during its existence were:

  • 1914 – Americus
  • 1920 – Carrollton
  • 1921 – Lindale
  • 1948 – Fitzgerald
  • 1949 – Tifton
  • 1950 – Eastman
  • 1951 – Douglas
  • 1952 – Vidalia
  • 1953 – Hazlehurst-Baxley
  • 1954 – Vidalia
  • 1955 – Douglas/Sandersville
  • 1956 – Douglas

For yearly standings and stats visit:


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