Team of the Week:  Portland Pickles

As American as hot dogs, apple pie and…..pickles?

Well, that’s what they think in Portland, Oregon as the Pickles play in the summer at Walker Stadium.  The Pickles are a collegiate summer league baseball team in the Great West League.  Collegiate summer leagues are made up of aspiring major league players who are currently in college.  The Pickles took the field for the first time this season in an attempt to fill the void when the Portland Beavers were sold in 2010 and moved to Tucson, Arizona.

The Pickles are currently 13-12 and in third place.

The leading batter is First Baseman Steven Chavez with a .365 batting average.  Chavez attends Loyola Marymount University.

Declan Kearney leads the pitching staff with an Earned Runs Average of 0.93 which ranks him second in the league.  Kearney is a freshman at the University of Oregon.

Dillion the Pickle is the team’s mascot.

Naturally with a team named the Pickles, you have sports editors with some catchy headlines.  Here are a few:

  • “Portland Pickles leave Gold Sox feeling sour”
  • “No sweet taste of home victory yet for Portland Pickles”
  • “Portland Pickles baseball is a crunchy, tangy good time at first home game.”
  • “Caught in a pickle:  Gold Sox fall to Portland.”

In case you wondered about other names that the Pickles beat out, the other finalists were:  Red Dogs, Pliers, Mud Hounds, Pixels and Posse.

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