Team of the Week:  Portugal

I must admit that I do not keep up with the international soccer scene but when dining at a local sports bar in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday it was clear that it was a pro-France crowd when they groaned at near-misses on goal by France.  After settling down from the initial outburst and getting my heart rate back down to normal, I realized they were watching the Euro 2016 championship.

When I got home I checkout the final score:  Portugal 1, France 0.

To compare it to other sports in America this was like an 8-8 wildcard team winning the Super Bowl.

Portugal advanced out of the group round with ties against Iceland, Austria and Hungary.  They were the 15th seed in the round of 16.  They beat Croatia 1-0 (extra time),  Poland 2-1 (penalty kicks) and Wales 2-0.   

In the final, forward Eder scored in the 109th minute from 30 yards out for the game-winning goal to give Portugal their first win in the European Championship.   Portugal prevailed without their star player, Cristiano Ronaldo who was injured in the game.

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