Quirky Co-Workers

Sometimes I wonder how some people get hired where I work.  I mean, I know we all come from different backgrounds and experiences and I don’t have a problem with that.  I’m just wondering about those co-workers who are quirky.   

I have one that will burst into song at any moment and will ask very personal questions out of nowhere.  

It really makes you wonder how they were hired. 

So how do you deal with quirky co-workers?  You have to work with them so how can you keep your sanity?

Right off the start you must set boundaries.  Be firm and direct about how far that co-worker can go.  

For instance, my co-worker wants to call me Uncle Milton but I put the brakes on that and let him know that was not my name and we weren’t going to start with the nickname thing.  

If you warn them and they ignore you the you can take it to management.   Hopefully you want have to elevate it to that level.  

With most annoying co-workers the best solution is to be straightforward and direct. Don’t be angry or hostile or it will backfire on you badly.  It’s okay to speak up for yourself in a professional way. 

At least you don’t have to live with them.  

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