Team of the Week: Laredo Lemurs

This week we go to Southwest Texas for a team in the American Association.  The American Association is an independent minor league which means they are not in the minor league farm system.  

The Lemurs opened in Laredo in 2012 when the Shreveport Captains franchise moved.  

Since playing in Laredo, the Lemurs have qualified for the postseason each year and won the championship last season when they beat Sioux City 3 games to 1.

Outfielder Leandro Castro leads the team in batting with a .325 average.  Matt Sergey leads the Lemurs in pitching with an ERA of 0.81.  Kyle Winkler is a close second with an ERA of 0.84.

The Lemurs are currently second place in the South Division with a record of 32-26.

Latest news story:   Seven Lemurs will represent the team in the American Association All-Star game to be held in St. Paul, Minnesota on August 1st.


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