Dallas, Madison and Toronto join Seattle in AUDL Final Four

The final four teams are set for the weekend of August 6-7 in Madison, Wisconsin.  Seattle had already wrapped up the West Division title last week during their Calfornia road trip to punch their ticket to Madision.

The Dallas Roughnecks (15-0) remained unbeaten outsourcing the Atlanta Hustle 28-21 for the South Division title.

The East Division final was quite a contest as the Toronto Rush edged the D.C. Breeze 23-21 in overtime.

The final four host Madison Radicals struggled but managed to survive and defeat the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds 20-16 to clinch the Midwest title.

Now the Final Four match ups are set.  The Dallas Roughnecks will play Toronto, the Madison Radicals will take on Seattle in the AUDL semifinal games on August 6th.


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