Elevator Etiquette Refresher

It happened again this morning.  I was waiting to get off the elevator and the second the doors opened this dude nearly bowled me over to get on.  I have always heard that it was proper etiquette to wait for people to exit the elevator before you get on.  

Every weekday, there are over 120 billion elevator rides.  That’s a lot of people taking the elevator.  There are several rules of etiquette but not everyone knows what they are.

Here’s your refresher course (or initial training) on the proper rules for the elevator.

  1. Stand to the right of the elevator while waiting.  You should always let people exit before boarding.  
  2. Hold the door for someone if they are trying to board unless the elevator is full of people.  Don’t hold it to have a chat with your buddy.  If you need to converse with someone, get off the elevator.
  3. Avoid squeezing into a packed elevator.  Be mindful of personal space.
  4. Do not push the button if it has already been pushed and lit up.  This sends a message that the person who pushed it didn’t push it to your liking or that you are a control freak.
  5. Move to the back and maintain a good distance from others.  Don’t be creepy.
  6. Exit quickly.   If you are in the back, begin making your way to the doors.
  7. Guard your conversation.  Never talk about office gossip or inappropriate subjects.
  8. Respect space.  If there are one or two other people on the elevator, go to separate sides or each corner.  Definitely to do not face someone directly.
  9. Hold all backpacks, briefcases and other materials by your feet.  Remove your backpack on the elevator to avoid hitting people with the straps or bulk of the bag.
  10. Get off the phone!  No one wants to hear your phone conversation.
  11. Practice good manners and hygiene.  Never eat in the elevator and don’t apply perfume.

If you can’t remember these rules at least practice common courtesy if you are in doubt about what to do.  It should be pretty easy to do for just the few minutes you are in the elevator.

You could always take the stairs.  

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