Gift-Wrapped Garbage

garbageYesterday when I got home from work I noticed that our trash had not been picked up as it usually is on Tuesdays.  I thought it was odd.  I checked to make sure and – yep – the trash was still in the container just as I had left it.  I called the HOA who pays for our trash pickup and they referred me to the number for the company.  When I called I was asked “Did you have everything bagged?”

Excuse me?

It’s trash.  As long as it is in the container what does it matter?

Apparently it wasn’t an issue until yesterday that ALL of my garbage wasn’t in a bag.  Since when do we have to put our garbage in a neat, bagged package?  It’s TRASH.  I’m throwing it away.  Next thing they will ask will be for you to wash it before you put it in the container!

I went to the website which lists such rules and it took a while to find them.  In addition to the “gift wrap” rule they have also banned cardboard, yard waste and electronic waste.  I guess that means I can’t dump my 60″ TV in there.

So if I get any cardboard, yard waste or electronic waste then I am stuck with it.  Perhaps I can sell it on Craigslist.

It might surprise you to know that there is a difference between “garbage” and “trash”.  Garbage is refuse which comes from the kitchen or bathroom.  Trash is the waste which comes from anywhere else except the kitchen or bathroom.  Interesting.

So your trash could be another man’s garbage depending on where it came from.  Just make sure to bag it.


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