Timeouts In Life

The daily routine is grinding.  I often feel like I am on a treadmill that never seems to end.  Fortunately, I do have weekend breaks but one day is usually filled with chores and errands that can’t be done during the week.  

It helps when you can take a timeout.  

This weekend my wife surprised me with a weekend at an Airbnb in the country at the Gratidude Ranch between Fairview and Leipers Fork, Tennessee.  The first thing I noticed was the absence of traffic sounds.  Just the sounds of nature filled my ears.  Crickets and the horses eating the grass near us.   It is the typical country farm setting that we don’t experience everyday. 

Having time to take a timeout in everyday life is important because our minds and our bodies need to take a break from the constant motion.  We are not machines.  Every machines breakdown or parts wear out.  

We need time to slow down and listen to nature.  Embrace the silence.  Rest.  That’s why God encouraged us to have a day of rest.  I know some religious folks take the sabbath day to the extreme and some have even made an entire religion out of it.  Is it not surprise that we had to mess up a simple thing as rest?   No, it’s too simple.  There has got to be more to it than that.  

Chill out.  Rest.  Relax.  

We work too hard at too many things not to take a break.  I welcome the rest and time just to lay in a hammock and watch the clouds go by.  Listen to the occasional huff sound made by a horse or the popping of the tin roof when the sun goes in and out of the clouds. 

Why does the quiet scare us?  Why do we fear of doing nothing?  Why is rest looked at as being lazy?

When we lived in Tampa I always observed how stressed people were to find a way to relax.  People were impatient in a place you would think they would be laid back.  It turned out to be more stressful to go to the beach than it did just to stay home.  

Stop.  Enjoy today.  Take a break.  

If God needed a day of rest don’t you think we need it too?

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