A 50-Year Perspective 

This past weekend we celebrated our grandchild’s first birthday.  The little guy was happy and full of smiles all day.  You couldn’t help but to smile if you were around him.  

One year old.  One year of being on this earth.

I think about the 50+ year age difference between us.  He is yet to make the choices in life which will shape his future.  I have no doubt he will be successful.  His parents are smart and he has a wonderful support system around him.  His future is full of possibilities.

I look at my own life and amazed at how it has turned out but not in disappointment but in how the choices in life guided me to where I am today.  

The earliest age I can remember I wanted to be an astronaut.  I grew up during the NASA Apollo Moon missions and was fascinated by it all.  That stuff was high tech then.  A few years ago I read that the technology in a Nintendo game system was more advanced than the Saturn V rockets.  

Nope, I never became an astronaut.  

Some folks thought I would become a preacher like my father and grandfather.   I did test the waters at some point but quickly learned it wasn’t for me.  Being a preacher is a whole lot more than preaching a sermon on Sunday mornings.

I can’t really point to any one decision that totally set the course of my life.  It was a series of decisions and following the way that laid out before me.  The Bible says:  “Time and chance happens to us all” (Ecclesiastes 9:11).   We all follow the destiny of our time and chances and the decisions we make.  It is scary to be an adult and have to make your own decisions. When you lived at home you could easily blame your parents but now the decision is on you and we are all worried about making the wrong decisions.    I learned a long time ago that you make the best decision you can based on what you know and then adapt if you to.   One of the best abilities to have is the ability to adjust to the changes in life.  

One phrase I have heard repeatedly recently is “Trust God and leave the consequences to Him”.

Sometimes that’s hard to do.  But, when you have come through the other side and look back at the days, months or years you can see the path you’ve taken and understand it a little better.  

No, I didn’t become an astronaut or preacher but I am content on the way my path has led me here.  

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