Baby Cakes, Jumbo Shrimp and Firefrogs


You may have seen the major sports headlines over the past week but you probably haven’t seen these:

The New Orleans Zephyrs of the Pacific Coast League announced they were changing their name to the Baby Cakes.  Yep, you read that right.  The minor league affiliate of the Miami Marlins chose the name which beat out six other finalists (Tailgators, Night Owls, King Cakes, Red Eyes, Po’boys and Crawfish) in an online contest.  Apparently the name has some kind of connections to the New Orleans Carnival customs.  Seriously?  My pick would have been Crawfish or Revelers.

Is this something with Marlin affiliate teams?   Weeks earlier the Jacksonville Suns of the Class AA Southern League decided to rename their franchise to the Jumbo Shrimp.  The team had been known as the Suns since 1962.  Now they will be taking the field with a side of grits.

The Braves’ minor league team which moved from Brevard County to Kissimmee, Florida was renamed from the Manatees to the Florida Firefrogs which beat out Rodeo Clowns and Sorcerers.  The Firefrogs will be the only Atlanta affiliate that does not use the Braves nickname.

Waco’s newest baseball team in the independent Southwest League is down to five entries.  The choices are:  Woolies, Mammoths, BlueCats, Peppers and Grackles.

The Binghamton Mets will be the Rumble Ponies next season.

Bismarck, North Dakota will welcome the Bismarck Larks to the Northwoods League next season.  At least this name makes sense with the state bird being the Meadowlark.

Kinston, North Carolina’s Carolina League team has decided to become the Down East Wood Ducks or “woodies” for short.  Yeah, I’m not commenting on that one.

The Staten Island Yankees are letting fans rename their single-A affiliate.  The choices are:  Bridge Trolls, Heroes, Killer Bees, Pizza Rats and Rock Pigeons.   How about “Crazy Taxi Drivers”?

Next Tuesday, the new Las Vegas National Hockey League (NHL) team will unveil their name and logo.  They initially had called themselves the Black Knights but ran into issues with the Army in using that name.  With all the possible nicknames associated with gambling, I would guess it will be something totally different.  The current ECHL team is called the Las Vegas Wranglers.   My personal choices would be the Jokers or Jacks.  With all this crazy naming going on, it will probably be something like “Sand Frogs” or “Cactus”.






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