Spikeball Tournament Coming To Nashville in June 2017


The governing sport of Spikeball has announced tournament locations and dates for 2017 and Nashville has been designated a date on the tour on June 3, 2017.   The nationals were played in Nashville in 2015.

You didn’t know that?

Me either.

So what is spikeball?

Spikeball is a modified version of 2 on 2 volleyball created in 1989.  Players line up next to each other around a Spikeball net, with the opposing teams lined up directly across from each other.  The object of the game is to hit the ball against the net so that the other team is not able to return it or return it to hit the Spikeball net.  Play continues until the ball is not returned properly.  The game is a combination of volleyball, table tennis and trampoline.

USA Spikeball is the governing body for organizing tournaments, recording scores and rankings.  Teams earn a certain number of points based upon their performance at each tournament and the tournament size.  There are four regions (East, Southeast, Midwest and West) with four stops on the tour and the regional tournament.  The national tournament is hosted in October.

The Chico Spikes from Chico, California are currently the top-ranked team in the USA Spikeball Power Rankings.

Go to  Spikeball.com or usaspikeball.com for more information.




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