First Time Nutcracker

My wife and I went to the Nashville Ballet’s version of The Nutcracker yesterday.

It was the first time I have seen it and I thought it was pretty awesome.  The costumes and sets were amazing.  It truly felt like Christmas.

Yes, I watched it.  No, I didn’t fall asleep.

If you’ve never been, let me just tell you this.  There aren’t any words or songs.  Dancers act it out with the music.  It’s very different and you need to have your mind ready for it.   

I was ready.  I watched a movie without words.  

The first act was much more interesting to me than the second act.  The second act was more dancing than anything else.  Yes, it is still a ballet show.  

It was a Christmas performance and I was able to escape the world for a couple of hours into a Christmas place.

For many families, it is a tradition to see The Nutcracker every year.  There were a lot of families at this one as well.

The hardest part about watching The Nutcracker was tuning out the people around me.  It is amazing how people can’t seem to sit still during these types of shows.  They also say you can’t bring your own food into the auditorium but people do it anyway.  

Ring pops?  Seriously?

Here are some tips for enjoying The Nutcracker from a first-timer:

  1. Get there early.   You won’t believe how many people go to this.  
  2. Go to the bathroom before you sit down.  There is an intermission but it isn’t enough time to go.
  3. Bring a bottle of water.  I needed it during the second act.
  4. Turn off the smartphone.  Disconnect from the world for a couple of hours.
  5. Watch everything that goes on in the performance.  You really have to pay attention since there are no words.
  6. Tune out the people around you.  People will be buttheads.  You just have to tune them out.
  7. Google the story AFTER you’ve seen it to see if you interpreted the performance correctly.

Whether it is your family tradition or if it is your first experience, it is definitely a worthwhile event to have on your holiday to-do list and one that will put you in the holiday mood.  

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