364 Shopping Days ’til Christmas

Sorry, didn’t mean to ignite your anxiety again but now that we are in the midst of Christmas Day, I think most people have empty spaces under their trees now.  Wrapping paper and boxes are torn and tossed to the side.  Gifts are being looked at,  used or played with.  Candy is being eaten.  The Christmas season is now over.  All the hype and all the frenzy of the last week and now it has ended.

I think the most important part is being with the people you care about regardless.  I don’t care how many gifts I got or what they were.  It’s just nice to be thought of.

As we go through the day and finished the traditions of gifts, we should reflect on God’s gift to us.  His Son Jesus.  Yes, we do still remember him on this day as we should.  God really gave us a gift that keeps on giving.  

So as we gather the torn wrapping paper and boxes and gather them for the trash pickup, take a moment to reflect about what a historic gift that God gave to us.  What he gave to us fits everyone and is perfect for everyone.  Don’t toss the thought away.  

Merry Christmas everyone!


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