Cursive Writing Makes Me Curse


I have recently tried to start writing cursive again.  Now I know one reason it is called cursive because I want to curse when attempting to make it legible.

It’s not easy.   The only thing I have been able to write reasonably well is my signature.  Other than that, it looks like a second-grader wrote it.   The truth is that a second-grader could probably do it better.

I was taught in school how to cursive write but somewhere I reverted back to printing.  It definitely isn’t like riding a bicycle.

Cursive writing is a form of writing where some characters are joined together in a flowing style.  It is mostly used for making writing faster such as taking notes.  It is also known as script or longhand.

I have started learning it again to write better on my iPad with a stylus.  Since you can’t really rest your palm on the tablet when writing I thought maybe using cursive would make it better.

It doesn’t.

So why write cursive anyway?

For one thing, it is a lost art form where one can add their own personalization to writing.  Today in a world or emails and text messages, writing is like an old friend that we don’t keep in touch with anymore.

Writing has benefits that typing does not.   Handwriting is more personal unlike typed letters on a computer or smart phone screen.  When someone writes you a letter, it means a little more that they put the effort rather than typing it in an email.

Studies have shown that you improve your understanding and recall when you write instead of typing.

  • You can write more words faster and express more ideas when writing by hand instead of a keyboard.
  • Cursive writing helps the brain with visualizing what is being written.
  • You are more involved in writing than you are when you are typing.
  • You are human because you can make mistakes.  That adds a personal touch to your writing.

I am going to continue to work on my longhand and hopefully I can be patient enough to let it flow again, especially writing in the journals I keep.  I will try to limit my cursing and do better at cursive.

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