Driving 101: Making Safe Decisions


Yesterday I was in the turn lane on Old Hickory Boulevard waiting to turn onto Highway 70 South when suddenly a car wedged in between me and the car ahead of me to go across to the Tigermarket on the other side of the road.  I did not see them coming from McDonalds on the opposite side.  I really didn’t think I had allowed enough space for someone to do that nor did I think I would have to.  The driver just zipped on through regardless of oncoming traffic.

It was not a wise decision but the driver made it to the Tigermarket only to use it as a shortcut to get onto Highway 70 South.


And how many times has this happened – you are driving on the road and someone pulls in front of you which causes you to either brake lightly or quickly depending on their lack of depth perception.  Then to see that there are absolutely NO cars behind you and the driver would have had plenty of time to enter the roadway.

I have seen drivers take too many chances because of impatience or negligence.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.  Darting across four lanes of traffic just feet away from an intersection is not a safe choice.

Approximately 95% of all vehicle accidents are caused by indecision or poor decisions on the part of drivers.  That really isn’t a gamble worth taking.  Even if you aren’t injured in an accident, it is still very frustrating to deal with police reports and insurance companies.

Ways to make better decisions:

  • Be patient.  You’re not the only one on the road.
  • Don’t be distracted.  Keep your eyes and attention on the road.
  • Pull onto the roadway when it is safe.
  • Slow down.  Going faster doesn’t help your odds.
  • Use your signals and communicate effectively with other drivers.

On the other side of this issue, if you see someone making a bad decision, take the appropriate action to avoid an accident.  This means driving defensively and making allowances for the boneheads that shouldn’t be driving.

Be careful out there and be patient!


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