Content of our Character

I’m off from work today but the significance of what today means is not lost on me.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was not just a champion for Africa -Americans but for us all.  What he said in the quote above is true.  We should never judge someone or misjudge someone because of their skin color.  

Although I was born in 1964, I was raised by parents who taught me to respect everyone regardless of their skin color. It was never okay to use the “N” word or to judge someone because of their color.   I have always been a person that never notices a person’s skin color unless they made an issue of it.  Regardless of what’s on our skin, we are all still human and we all still bleed.  I think it’s terrible to witness racism in any form.  I have seen racism and I have had some who have been racist against me.  That’s sad because people refuse to know you because they can’t see that you are black or white or whatever color.  They make assumptions about you without knowing anything about you.  

I used to think race issues were behind us.  Especially when President Obama became our president but the recent trend of shootings and this past election have distorted those thoughts.   Today if you are white, it is assumed that you voted for Trump.  Assumptions without considering the content of character. 

To be honest, I have met more jerks with my skin color than any other.  I have also gained wisdom from more people not the same color as me.   You can’t just assume based on color.  Isn’t that what we all should do?   It’s sad that race has to continue to be an issue in anything.  

Let the content of your character shine past the color of your skin.  Get to know the person behind the skin.  

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