PRO Chess League Update


The wild and wooly world of PRO Chess just completed their three week of action on electronic chess boards all over the world.  After three weeks, here are the division leaders:

Atlantic Division

  • Philadelphia Inventors (3-0)
  • Montclair Sopranos (3-0)

Pacific Division

  • San Diego Surfers (3-0)

Central Division

  • Cannes Blockbusters (3-0)

Eastern Division

  • Budapest Gambit (3-0)
  • Gorky Stormbringers (3-0)

The Cannes Blockbusters won against the Marseille Migraines last week and surged a half-point ahead after a competitive match with the Dublin Desperados.  The Desperados added former World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov to their lineup to replace Sebastian Maze, who is currently playing in the Gibraltar Chess Festival.  Although Cannes won the match, Ponomariov won the most dramatic game of the day as he found a nasty move against Flavio Perez in the last round.

The PRO Chess league plays each Wednesday.  Games can be seen on


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