Best Bluetooth Keyboard for Your iPad


For years, I searched for the perfect combination of a tablet that I could also use as a laptop.  My first attempt was a Google Nexus 7 tablet.  I found a keyboard case to go with it but it just didn’t do it for me as the keys were cramped while typing.  I eventually got an iPad and tested several keyboards.

By far, the best Bluetooth keyboard to use is the Apple Wireless Keyboard.   I can fly when typing on it.  It is absolutely the best keyboard.  The only limitation for me was that I still had to carry around two devices or find a case to carry both the iPad and keyboard.  I decided that I wanted something that made my iPad feel like a laptop.   My next purchase was a ZAGGkeys Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard made by ZAGG.  I loved it.  The keys were awesome and I loved the backlight feature on the keys.  It was also light to carry around and all together.  It was reasonably priced at around $80.00.   The only issue I had with it is that I totally wore out the hinges and had to have it replaced twice within a year.  Fortunately, ZAGG had a free lifetime replacement warranty with their product.

Then I found the Holy Grail – the ClamCase Pro keyboard.  This case is the reason I am writing the review that you are reading.  This is the best keyboard you can buy for your iPad.  Nothing comes close.  Another thing I wanted to do with my iPad was to have the option of using it as a laptop or tablet without removing the iPad from the case.  ClamCase does this perfectly.  When you are not using it as a laptop, you can simply fold the keyboard behind it and use it as a tablet which is great if you just want to play games or read.   When you fold the keyboard behind the iPad, the keyboard function is disabled.

The hinge issue I had with the ZAGG keyboard has not been a problem.  The entire mechanism is designed differently and bends with ease.  The ClamCase also gives you different angle options depending on your preference.

The keys are spaced out very well on the keyboard.  I never find myself feeling cramped.  In fact, many times I will prefer using the ClamCase keyboard than the keyboard on my home computer.  The battery can last up to 100 hours.  In fact, since I bought this in December, I have only had to recharge it once.

The case is slightly heavier than the ZAGG case but I am okay with that.  It’s still a lot lighter than a laptop.

The ClamCase is a little more expensive at around $100 for an iPad air case but I got lucky and took advantage of their Black Friday deal in November.  Even at $100 it is still worth it if you are very anal about your technology like I am.

If you are looking for a perfect solution to make your iPad into a laptop, this is it.

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