Driving 101: Impatiently Distracted Drivers


I have mentioned this before in previous posts about driving in Nashville.  The two main issues I see going on with drivers are:  (1) They are impatient and (2) They are distracted.

First, let me talk about distracted driving.  My daughter was recently rear ended by another driver on an exit ramp when the driver stated she looked down to see what her son was watching on YouTube.   An example of the serious issue of distracted driving.  In 2014, 3,179 people were killed and 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.  The distractions are texting, using the phone, eating/drinking, talking to passengers, grooming, reading (yeah, I’ve seen this one and couldn’t believe it), using navigation systems, watching a video, adjusting audio devices in the car (oops, I’m guilty of this one).

Let’s face it, driving is boring.  But, when we are in the driver’s seat, we need to do one thing:  drive.  It only takes a glance away from the road to have an accident.  Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting.  I have also noticed that talking on the phone is so very distracting even if your eyeballs are physically looking at the road.  People tend to slow down, drift into other lanes and ignore using turn signals.

Avoid distracted driving.  Pay attention to the road and the traffic conditions around you.  No one should text and drive.

Second, there is an epidemic of impatient drivers.  There is one apartment complex we pass on our commute to work where people really do not want to wait on us to pass by.  They will either roll out in front of us, causing us to brake or begin their roll before we pass by them.  People do not want to stop or wait for any reason.  If you are going too slow, they will try to push you out of their way.    If you are trying to turn, drivers behind you don’t want to slow down at all.  They want to keep their same speed regardless how sharp you need to make a turn.  It is disappointing to see people so impatient simply because they are in a rush.  It is just ridiculous how aggressive people can be.  Honking the horn doesn’t help matters.    I find it very irritating when pulling over for emergency vehicles and once they have passed, other drivers pass by too as if I didn’t need to get back on the road myself.

Impatient drivers will do some crazy and risky things on the highways.  If they are going to miss a turn or exit some will take unnecessary chances instead of going to the next exit or taking an alternate route to get to their destination.

We all have somewhere to be.  Let’s just dial it down a notch and get there safely.




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