It’s Time To Pay The Man

irsOne of my favorite episodes from the Andy Griffith Show was the one where Andy continued to tell Aunt Bee to call the repairman in Mount Pilot to fix the freezer.  Thinking it was too expensive, she tried to get others like Gomer to fix it cheaper.  Andy kept telling Aunt Bee to “call the man”.

Today, I have come to the day where we have to “pay the man”.   The man is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  I’m not real happy right now to pay the man.  I had our taxes figured out back in late January but was floored by the amount we owed this year.  It totally knocked me out.  I put it off hoping that something would happen to help us in paying this bill.  As of this moment, that has not happened.  It appears we will be making monthly installments to the IRS however they deem it to be.

A couple of bad financial decisions doomed us this year.  It wasn’t until we received the tax bills for those decisions that I realized the mistake and it was too late.

So I keep hearing the talk about tax breaks for the middle class.  Is this ever going to become a reality or yet more talk that politicians make to get elected?   Instead, we get taxed more and higher each year.

I will be honest with you here and tell you that I delayed in paying because I prayed about it and asked for divine help.  Something.  I wasn’t necessarily looking for a handout but extra money in some way to help.  I hate to admit this but that help never came and, as of right now, my prayer has not been answered.  I do still believe God will answer it even after I have filed the taxes and begin paying  the installments.  I’m certainly not going to criticize Him or feel stupid about praying about this.  All I can do is believe and do the next thing.  Right now the next thing is to pay the man.

The biggest lesson learned that I will share with you, if at all possible, never take money out of your retirement early.  You will suffer some serious penalties for doing so.  If you withdraw any funds before you are 59 1/2, not only will you get hit with 10% on an early distribution but the taxable amount will also be included in your taxable income.

If you take it out now, the man will get it later.

I hear that some people do actually get refunds.  I need to figure out how to do that.  Will my homeowner’s association allow me to have a couple of cows on the patio so I can get a tax write-off for agriculture?  Can I count our cat as a dependent?  She sure acts like a child and I’m always having to scoop her litter box and buy her cat food.

Taxes are extremely unpleasant.  They make our paychecks smaller and we have to fill out these ridiculous forms that we can barely understand and hope we don’t make a mistake.

I just hope the man is happy.




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