3-0 Series Lead? Remember The Super Bowl


The Nashville Predators are one win away from eliminating the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  The city is abuzz today and hopeful that the Predators can complete their first playoff series sweep in team history.   Last week, I posted my commentary about the Predators and predicted they would be eliminated in five games by the Blackhawks and would not move on.   Yes, I was wrong about the five games and have witnessed a completely different team than I have watched during the regular season.  I may have to eat a little crow if they do the unthinkable tonight against the number one seed team in the Western Conference.

But with every enthusiastic Predators fan I will say this:  Remember the Super Bowl.

Four teams have come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a Stanley Cup playoff series.

The 1942 Toronto Mapleleafs became the first team to do when they rebounded against the Detroit Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup final.  After losing the first three games, the Maple Leafs reeled off 4-3, 9-3, 3-0 and 3-1 wins in their dramatic comeback.

The New York Islanders did it 33 years later when they stunned the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 1975 Quarterfinals.  The Islanders won a tight 1-0 seventh game to advance.  They lost to the Philadelphia Flyers in seven games in the Semifinals.

In 2010, the Philadelphia Flyers overcame a 3-0 hole to knock off the Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference semifinals.  The Flyers started the comeback with a 5-4 overtime win in Game 4 then won the next three games 4-0, 2-1 and 4-3.  The Flyers advanced to the Stanley Cup final losing to the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Los Angeles Kings were the last team to do it when they upset the San Jose Sharks in the first round of the 2014 playoffs.  The Kings went on to win the Stanley Cup final over the New York Rangers.

So, it is possible to blow a 3-0 lead.  I’m not saying it will happen to the Predators but they have a tendency to make it difficult.  I don’t see them finishing the series tonight.  My feeling is that it will go to Game 6.

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