Absence Of Common Courtesy

courtesyIt surprises me everyday when I encounter moments when there is a lack of common courtsey.  I was always raised to think about others before myself and to treat everyone with respect.  There are times when I fail but most of the times I find myself going out of my way to be courteous to others.

This morning I walked down the hallway after I entered my office building.  Suddenly a couple of folks came busting through the door from the cafeteria without entering the BUSY hallway or looking to see if anyone was coming.  They were totally oblivious that I was there and narrowly missed checking me into the opposite wall.  Can just a second or two to look caused them too much of an inconvenience?

It happens often.  The problem is that we have a public that has become more self-centered than ever.  Don’t believe me?  Just sit somewhere and watch people.  Most will be glued to their smartphones.  Even with a group, they are tethered to the small screen than what is going on around them.

Here are some things I would like to say to folks:

WHEN IN DOUBT, WALK ON THE RIGHT SIDE – Oh my goodness the people that will break your ankles because they have no clue how to simply walk on the street.  Since we drive on the right side, it only makes sense to remember to do the same thing when you are walking.

PASS ME BUT DON’T TAILGATE ME – Yes, I’m still talking about walking.  If I’m walking too slow just pass me.  Don’t walk right up on me.

REMEMBER PERSONAL SPACE – When standing in lines people seem to have forgotten the courtesy of personal space.  Keep a distance so that I’m not feeling your breath on my neck.

DON’T PLAY CHICKEN – When walking up on people, why is it that you expect me to be the one to move out of the way?  A little cooperation please.

LET PEOPLE GET OFF THE ELEVATOR BEFORE YOU GET ON – People are in a hurry but don’t realize how they jam things up with they rush to get on the elevator while others are trying to get off.

IF THE ELEVATOR BUTTON HAS BEEN PUSHED DON’T PRESS IT AGAIN – Again, people in a hurry and apparently thinks that since THEY didn’t push the elevator button that it won’t work.  If it’s already lit, the elevator has been called.  Repeated pushing doesn’t make it appear any quicker.

DON’T BLOCK A COMMON PASSAGE TO CARRY ON A CONVERSATION – Okay, so you have an important conversation with your buddy.  How about taking it to the side so the rest of the world can walk by?

TONE DOWN ON THE COLOGNE/PERFUME – Soap and water works really well.  Focus on using that instead of dousing in aromas that will choke others.  Not everyone wants to smell the scent clouds that follow you around.

It really doesn’t take too much time to think of others and to practice common courtesy.  The problem is that our society only cares about themselves.  If I am not important to you then I am invisible.  The problem may be related to our smart phones.  Researchers have found that the ease of this generation to have or ignore online friends may make it easier to tune out people in the physical world.

The funny thing is that it really doesn’t take that much of an effort to think of others.  This doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way but just a simple act of courtesy can go a long way.

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