What If God Had A Delta Force?

book coverToday I have released my new e-book.  The book is a Christian fiction novelette about a secret paramilitary group called “Gideon Force”.   Gideon Force is an elite tactical unit led by Commander Gabriel Morrison called to help missionaries around the world by rescuing them from persecution they face from radical groups and governments. The unit is equipped with a futuristic military-style armada to assist them in their mission. Members of the Force are hand-picked by God to serve their fellow man in protecting those who are called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the biblical story of Gideon and his army, God had Gideon further test their readiness and thinned the army down to 300 men. That night, Gideon gave each man a trumpet, a torch and a clay jar. They surrounded the enemy camp, with each torch hidden inside the jar. At Gideon’s signal, every man blew his trumpet and broke his jar. The confused Midianites turned on one another, with the survivors fleeing the camp. Gideon and his courageous 300 men won the battle against a larger and more powerful army.  

Although this novelette is a work of fiction, the reality is that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world today.  Many are being jailed and killed because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  While many Christians in the United States are not persecuted to the extent of believers in other countries, it is certain this will come before Christ’s return.  This book has not been written to condemn other countries or other religious beliefs but to show the extent of the persecutions being suffered by believers in Christ.

So exactly what is meant by persecution?

Persecution is the hostility in any form to believers because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  It can range from verbal harassment to beatings, torture, confinement and death.  Today, approximately 75% of the world’s population lives in areas with severe religious restrictions.  In over 60 countries, Christians face persecution from governments because of their belief in Jesus Christ.

So what is so threatening about Christians and believing in Jesus Christ?  The threat is from the fact that belief in Christ is based on grace and not on works.  This theology takes the power out of the hands of the leaders in other religions.

Consider this:

  • 322 Christians are killed each month because of their faith
  • 214 churches and Christian properties are destroyed each month
  • 722 forms of violence are committed against Christians

(Source:  OpenDoorsUSA.org)

I originally wrote this story as a series in a local church newsletter.  I thought I had lost these several years ago but recently found them and decided to self-publish them in an e-book format.  I felt strongly that this was the appropriate time and platform to release them.  The e-book is now available in Kindle format from Amazon for 99 cents.  Please download it, read it and review it.  

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