The Wandering Years

Today I am celebrating my 53rd birthday.  I have spent most of my life moving from one place to another.  Looking back, the longest I have ever lived in one place is four years.  Even when I have lived in the same city I still managed to relocate to other areas of that city. 
I was born 53 years ago today at Dyess Air Force Base near Abilene, Texas.  My parents moved from there when I was three but I managed to return there when I was 18 and stationed at the same base in my first year on active duty in the United States Air Force.   Before my next birthday I volunteered for my first overseas assignment in Thule, Greenland.  I don’t think I will ever forget that experience.  There is definitely no other place like it.  

The only place I stayed in the same general area was the 30 years I lived in the Middle Georgia area of Macon/Warner Robins. Yes, even in those 30 years I was also a nomad.  Moving from one side of Warner Robins to the other plus some years in Macon.  

I would compile for you a list of every place I have lived but I have a feeling it would open me up somehow to some sort of identity theft.  I will tell you that I have lived in 30 different places in my lifetime.  
Yes, I have moved around a lot.  I have never been the one that could have lived in one house all of his life.  I suppose I have wanderlust in my blood.  I love adventure and exploring new things.  It isn’t that I don’t want to live in one place, it’s just that I haven’t found THE place.  I keep wondering how many more times I will be able to move around.  Age and physical problems may be catching up with me.  My recurring disc problems tend to flare up occasionally and I can’t risk moving furniture and boxes like I used to.  

Exactly three years from today I will be eligible to retire from my job.  Of course, being eligible doesn’t mean being able to do so but without the limitation of my job, how much more of an opportunity will be available?   Crystal and I are already discussing the options.  You see, like me, she  is also a wanderer.  We both remind people of the saying that “not all those who wander are lost”.  This is more true now than ever because we don’t feel lost now that we have each other.  

We are currently in Nashville, Tennessee – for now – but that will change.  We don’t hate it here.  Certainly not like the two LONG years we spent in Ruskin, Florida.  But the time is coming that we will wander to yet another adventure.  

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