Are We Really Free?

Today is the 241st birthday of our country.  This is when we enjoy picnics, hot dogs and fireworks.  We also like to talk about our freedom living in the United States of America.  I have never lived in another country so I don’t know what it’s like anywhere else.  I hear people say that this is the best country in the world.  I guess that’s true because I see a lot of people coming here.  Every month I see people lined up in the halls of the courthouse waiting to become citizens of our country.  

But are we truly as free as we advertise?

Freedom of religion has become more of freedom FROM religion.  If you say you’re a Christian you will offend many more people than if you say you are some other religion.  If you want to make people angry or ready to debate you just mention that you want to talk about Jesus.  So, I’m not so sure we have the freedom of religion anymore. 

Freedom of speech?   Yeah, lets see how well that works out for you if you voice your opinion.  Speak about politics or religion and your freedom of speech won’t feel so free anymore.  We have become a country that is quick to become angry and argue if we don’t agree with someone’s speech.  

Freedom of the press?   I hear the cries of fake news all the time now.  Frankly, I’m sick of it.  Is there fake news?  Absolutely, but it’s not all fake. Yes, views and opinions of editors steer what is put out to the public and their opinion could influence your opinion. 

The right to bear arms is a freedom that has gotten a bit skewed.  There is way too much gun violence in our country.  No, guns don’t kill people but the people who have the guns to kill are getting them too easily.  The true meaning of this right was to defend states against the government overstepping its authority and trying to take us by force.  

The right to equal justice.  Today the justice system is a mess quite frankly.  To be fair, attempts continue to be made to make the system fair but in this “free” country you still get a better representation depending on how much money you have. Inequities in our justice system abound in each state as the same punishment is not equal for the same crimes. 

So are we really free with these freedoms?  At least we can still have them without being jailed or censored by the government.  Yes, we are “free” but limited based upon the latest polls.   

I’m not always proud of our country.  You have to admit that we have some pretty embarrassing moments but this is our home.  We need to protect our country and these freedoms so that we never lose them.  

Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction”.

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