Acting Your Age


Age is just a number.  That’s what people often say.  The only problem with that is the number only gets higher.

You’re only as old as you feel.  Okay, some days I feel older than I really am.

I once knew a lady in church who would always play the “age” card.  If you tell her you were feeling bad she’d say something like “Oh honey wait until you’re my age.”  She always had the upper hand on playing that age card because no matter how old I was she would always be older.  She wore that badge proudly.  It was pretty annoying to me.

I have to tell you that I’m 53 but I don’t feel like I’m 53.  My body will remind me of it sometimes but I don’t ever think of myself as older.  One thing is certain, time does go by quicker the older you get.

When we moved a few years ago, I transferred from the office where I had been working for over 23 years.  When I left that location, my boss had been a student intern at that office when I started there.  I look around at my co-workers and I often comment that they are getting younger and younger.  I fail to think that perhaps I’m getting older.

Life is funny that way.  You graduate from high school and in a flash you are getting close to retirement.

I don’t know how I got here so fast.  I’m still in my 30s in my mind.

Age deceives you when you remember things such as:

  • Having one television in the house
  • Playing records on the record player
  • Rotary dial telephone
  • Writing letters
  • Eating out at McDonald’s was a luxury
  • Playing marbles as a kid

A few days I had a flashback of playing marbles as a child.  I loved playing marbles.   I had lots of marbles and remember those summer days playing under a huge tree.  Remembering all this made me want to find some marbles.  I went to a local toy store and find the game.  I have right here on my desk.  No, I can’t get down in the dirt and play marbles like I could back then.  That’s the problem with getting old.  You remember doing things that you can’t do now.

When I grew up, if you misbehaved, you got a whipping.  There was no debate or cries of abuse then.  I got the talking to before or after the whipping.  Yeah, I don’t like remembering those flashbacks.

With age does come wisdom.  We all learn from our mistakes.  I have always said I wish I would have known then what I know now.  The only problem now is that younger people don’t want to hear the wisdom of what you learned but, then again, didn’t we do the same thing?  Nobody really cares to hear our advice anyway.  That’s just the way it is now.  People are impatient.

I really do try to act my age but it’s boring.  That’s not how I am.  I am a younger man trapped inside of an older body.

When we get older, we look back and see our regrets.  The main regret I have is that I didn’t meet my wife sooner in life.  It would have been better to have lived my life right the first time but life works in many different ways.  We can never see the end from the beginning.  That’s how life works.  We take one step at a time and make choices along the way which shape us.  Sometimes our age adds up quickly as we are trying to figure it out.

Depressing?  I know it sounds that way but age is just that – a number.  We live out each day and each moment.  Do what makes you happy for as long as you can do it.  Don’t let it slip away into yet another regret in your story.

I can’t play with a Tonka Dump truck like I used to anymore.  Besides, other parents might call the police if I’m in the sandbox playing with the toys.  Not to sound like an old man but they don’t even make Tonka trucks like they used to make them.

There are some things that age has taught me:

  1. Don’t make so much about work and your co-workers.  It’s just work.  Nobody ever wishes they could have spent more time at work.  If work is your life then you need to make some changes.
  2. Cut loose people who add drama to your life.  Their drama will drain you.  Sometimes it’s hard to cut these people out but you’ll have a better life without them.
  3. True relationships last.  Hold onto the relationships that matter.  Be with someone that wants to grow old with you.
  4. Our looks will fade.  Don’t put so much into them.  If someone is with you because of looks, they will leave you when your looks fade.
  5. Budget is just a moving truck.  It’s good to have a budget but don’t base your happiness on it.   There is more to life than money.

Some things you just have to learn as you get older.   Life is to be experienced.  Doctor visits get more frequent.  You’ll realize that when some parts of your body break, they won’t always be fixed.  You learn to live with pain both physically and emotionally.

Even with age, don’t let that number determine how you live.  You don’t have to act your age.  You don’t have live within the expectations of others.  Enjoy what you have and the people you share it with.  In the end you can’t take any of this with you.

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