The NASCAR Of Lawn Mowing


Marcel Dupepe is not a household name.  Well, not in the house anyway.

Dupepe is a racer.   You won’t see his name on the NASCAR points standing but you will see his name at the top of the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association (USLMRA).

Yes, this is a thing.

The USLMRA was established in 1992 is celebrating its 25th Anniversary as the oldest and largest National Mower Racing Sanctioning Body.  They don’t race for money, only trophies, glory and bragging rights of being the top sod slingers in the United States.  Hot-Wheels-Figures-1

The nine-race schedule started in February in Tampa, Florida.  The tour makes stops at Avon Park (FL), Gun Barrel City (TX), Claremore (OK), Wamic (OR), Clements (MD), Springfield (IL), Apple River (IL) and will end with the STA-BIL 360 Performance Finals on Labor Day weekend in Carlisle, Iowa.

STA-BIL is a fuel stabilizer that keeps gas fresh in power equipment for quick starts and most commonly used for lawn mowers, boats, snow blowers and other outdoor power equipment.

The most popular race in the United States is the Twelve Mile 500 held in Twelve Mile, Indiana each Independence Day.  The race began in 1963 as a race for factory-built mowers with their mowing decks removed.  In 1996, the race was split with four-cycle Briggs lawn mowers and another for modified mowers.   It consists of a 15-mile, 60-lap course run on a quarter-mile track.  Each team consists of a driver, a two-person pits crew and a lap judge and must meet a speed of approximately 30 mph to qualify.

Lawn mower racing is a bit sensitive in being compared to go-karting where lawnmower engines are often used.  Lawn mower racing is based on the engines and chassis from regular lawn mowers.

Dupepe has won four of the races this season and sits atop the leaderboard with 2400 points.

Here are the current USLMRA points standings:

  1. Marcel Dupepe (LA) 2400
  2. Michael Paccione (NJ) 2200
  3. John Cagle (FL) 1700
  4. Lauren Filos (MD) 1200
  5. Ronnie Henry (LA) 1100

For more information about lawn mower racing go to   Be sure to read the Top 25 MOWments of USLMRA History.

The USLMRA National Lawn Mower Racing Hall of Fame & Museum of America is located at Miller Lawn and Power in Marion, Ohio.   This year’s inductees are the Sullivan/Paccione Family of the Rocket Man Racing Team.

There is no such racing association for push lawn mowers – yet.



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