Playoffs Set In AUDL


The 2017 regular season of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) wrapped up this weekend and here are the final standings:

East Division

  1. Toronto Rush (13-1)*
  2. DC Breeze (10-4)*
  3. Montreal Royal (9-5)*
  4. New York Empire (6-8)
  5. Philadelphia Phoenix (4-10)
  6. Ottawa Outlaws (2-12)

Midwest Division

  1. Madison Radicals (12-2)*
  2. Minnesota Wind Chill (11-3)*
  3. Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (9-5)*
  4. Indianapolis Alley Cats (5-9)
  5. Chicago Wildfire (3-11)
  6. Detroit Mechanix (1-13)

Southern Division

  1. Raleigh Flyers (13-1)*
  2. Dallas Roughnecks (11-3)*
  3. Jacksonville Cannons (10-4)*
  4. Atlanta Hustle (5-9)
  5. Austin Sol (4-10)
  6. Nashville Nightwatch (0-14)

West Division

  1. San Francisco Flamethrowers (10-4)*
  2. Los Angeles Aviators (9-5)*
  3. San Jose Spiders (8-6)*
  4. Seattle Cascades (7-7)
  5. San Diego Growlers (7-7)
  6. Vancouver Riptide (1-13)

This weekend’s divisional playoffs will be Montreal at DC, Pittsburgh at Minnesota, Jacksonville at Dallas and San Jose at Los Angeles.

Pittsburgh edged Minnesota in the divisional round last year with a thrilling 20-18 win.  The Thunderbirds have won in this round the past two seasons but have failed to advance past the divisional final.

Toronto and Madison have qualified for their fifth straight postseason.

Montreal will host the AUDL championship weekend August 26-27.





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