Who Turned Off The Sun?

​That was amazing.

Today the sun was turned off for two minutes.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you know that today was the day for the “Great American Solar Eclipse”.  I spent the day in downtown Nashville to watch the Eclipse with my wife and daughter.  My wife had to work today but got an extended lunch break so she could watch it.  I attempted to find us a good viewing location.  After I dropped her off at work, I went to scout various locations.  My first option was for a parking lot nearby that I pass everyday walking.  It is maybe, 10% capacity every day but today, they blocked off the entire parking lot.  I am assuming to keep people for getting off of the interstate and watching the eclipse there.  

We found a place close by and got our special glasses out waiting for the moment the skies went dark.

The shadow rolled in pretty quickly and at the moment of totality, you could see Saturn as well as hear the cicadas start their nightly song and the nearby street lights come on.  It was a bizarre couple of minutes but it was worth all the hype leading up to this incredible astronomical moment in history.  I am almost certain that my goosebumps lasted the entire two minutes as I witnessed this event with the most important people in my life and hearing the cheers of people all around regardless of color or political differences.  It’s too bad it only lasted two minutes.

Just an hour later life was back to normal.  The sun was back in its place and tomorrow storms will roll into the area as we forget about our incredible solar system until the next event.

It was like a sci-fi movie watching so many people look up at the sun in their magic solar eclipse glasses they either got for free or paid up to $5.00 for to view the cosmic show.  Of course, it wouldn’t be Nashville without it being another excuse to have a party. As if Nashville needed another reason for that.

For me, the solar eclipse just reminded me of how awesome God is to have created our Earth, Sun and Moon.  These things are nothing men could do – only God.  It was a spiritual moment for me.  As I drove away from the viewing location, I was just in awe over what I had just witnessed.  I am glad that I got to see it.

Yes, I was a little put off by all the over-reporting of the event on the local media and all the greedy people charging various prices for those solar eclipse glasses which are now in someone’s scrapbook or in the trash can now.  Some people didn’t give the eclipse much of a thought.  While I am glad the hype is over, I am sad that those magical two minutes passed by so quickly. The photos and videos I took of it doesn’t come close to seeing it person.  I don’t think I will ever forget it.  

Thank you God for that wonderful show today.

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