Tony Romo Aces Broadcast Debut

romoOkay, I will admit that when I first tuned into the Tennessee Titans-Oakland Raiders game yesterday and learned that Tony Romo would be doing his first color commentary broadcast I was very skeptical.  I am sure I did one of my eye rolls at the thought.  I am sure I said, “Great, here’s another former player who thinks he will make the transition to analyst.”

It didn’t take long for Tony to win me over.  He provided some fresh new insights that I was honestly not expecting.  The guy knows the game and he is very smart.  I also like it that he provides detail to the game which does not simply state the obvious to veteran football fans.  I always cringed when commentators talk condescending to viewers.  Tony never did any of that.  I loved it when he would say “Oh, the safety is coming up and the quarterback is checking off to another play.”  I mean, you got the feeling he was in the game which I really liked.  He didn’t just tell you what you had just seen but predicted what was going to happen.  He told you what the coaches and players were seeing from their point of view.

I will say that I still lack in a lot of things that go on in the game.  I wouldn’t be able to explain a “cover two” or other nuances of the game but I think with Tony as the analyst that I will learn a lot of things about the game that I didn’t know before.

There was a lot of stir over Tony Romo replacing Phil Simms and, quite frankly, I think Tony will make us forget Phil Simms.

Even social media responded very positively to Tony’s debut in the booth.

  • SB Nation:  “Tony Romo is pretty good at this broadcasting thing.”
  • WEEI:  “Tony Romo, in shift from his predecessor, actually analyzed football during CBS debut.”
  • Niners Nation:  “Tony Romo was really good as an announcer yesterday.”
  • Awful Announcing:  “Not only did Romo get a passing grade, he aced his debut.”

The one thing that really ticks me off in these commentator guys is that they tend to lean to one team or the other.  I didn’t get that impression in yesterday’s broadcast.  I thought he provided a good and unbiased analyst of both teams regardless of who what ahead in the game.   He didn’t fall in love with any of the players and he had clearly done his homework.  It will be interesting to see how he handles himself when he does a Dallas Cowboys’ game.

Throughout the broadcast, I had one prevailing thought that Tony could possibly surpass John Madden.




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