Through The Eyes Of A Two-Year-Old

It’s funny watching a two-year-old and looking at the world through their eyes. Watching them run around with happiness in their steps while commanding the attention they get from making you smile.  It would be nice to bottle that happiness.  I’m not saying I want to be a two-year-old again but there are some things I would like to emulate from the toddler.  

They get over things.  They don’t hold a grudge like we do.   They get mad and they get over it.  They move from one toy to another.  I would like to get over things as quickly as a toddler does.  I tend to pitch an internal fit sometimes that can last for days.  It’s a shame that a toddler will eventually learn that skill when they get older.  An errant word or disapproving look can send us in a spiral for days and, sometimes, years.  A toddler won’t remember what they were upset about minutes later. 

I love seeing how the two-year-old looks at the world in amazement.  It’s not boring or old.  Whether it is a dump truck passing by or the elephant at the zoo, the tiny tot is amazed at what they see.   I wish I would take more appreciation for the world around me.  Maybe not so much dump trucks or elephants but stop for a few minutes to enjoy nature and the things around me instead of in a constant rush to be somewhere.  They love new adventures and they love to see new things. They love to explore and they don’t ever take a minute for granted. 

Watching a toddler this weekend, I noticed that they will go to anyone without reservation.  Unfortunately, we become people that can avoid others due to whatever reasons there are to do it.  Toddlers have no such restraints.  They won’t avoid anyone.

I wish I could look at life through a two-year-old’s eyes.  They have a simple world. Material things aren’t of any importance to them.  Give them an expensive toy and they will prefer to play with the box that it came in.  They are happy with what you give them and normally are easy to please. So often we get tied up into the things we wish we had or things that would be nice to have.

We become so jaded as we grow into adults.       We lose the sight that a two-year-old has of the world and others.  We get mad and stay mad longer than we should, we aren’t in awe of anything and we don’t have the same joy in our world.  

Should we act like a two-year-old?   Well, maybe not in every way, but we should take a moment and look at our world in their point of view.  

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