It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World

madWhy did he do it?

That’s what people are asking about this guy that decided to open fire on the concert in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

So many are speculating.   Some say it is ISIS.  Others say it was a gambling debt.  There are a lot of people speculating.  At this point we just don’t know.  I’m sure investigators are looking through everything belonging to this guy.  I know this “guy” has a name but I’m choosing not to use it.  He’s not famous and deserves no mention in my blog.

I was discussing this with my wife last night on the commute home from work.  What causes people to snap?  Some say his actions were planned.  It just puzzles me why he did it.

One thing that worries me is that we live in a mad world.  People are so quick to get angry.  As I was talking to my wife, some jerk jumped in front of me on the road and I was quick to point my finger at them and fuss at what they just did.

There it is.  Anger.

“Careful, they might shoot you,” my wife cautioned.

Yep, she was right.  While I’m fussing and pointing my finger at them, in this world they could stop, pull out a gun and shoot me.  They were in the wrong and yet THEY would get mad at me for calling them out on their traffic infraction.

I also shouldn’t get upset.  Let it go right?

We are much too stressed and self-focused to make allowances for anyone outside of our little circle of family and friends.  It’s a sad world when people’s first response to being angry is to pick up a gun and shoot.  It is also crazy that anyone should have possession of semi-automatic weapons.  Why would someone need this type of arsenal?  What kind of war are people arming themselves for?  Good grief people.  I think people need medication to calm down.

It’s a funny thing about this anger thing.  We all get caught up in it.  It’s dangerously contagious.  I’m a fairly patient person but the anger button can be pushed.   The difference is that while I have gotten angry, I have never wanted to shoot anyone.   What is with this shooting mentality?

Of course, now this incident is called the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history and when the news reports come on there are this sensational graphics to go with it.  These tragic events are made into a movie-like report.  I know it’s news and has to be reported but can we not make it so sensational?  There’s someone else out there that’s already thinking about doing something to top it whether it be ISIS or someone that is just an emotional bomb waiting to go off.

So what’s the answer?  Ban ALL guns?  Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  More gun control?  We’re supposed to have a bunch of laws controlling that now.  Metal detectors everywhere?  There would never be enough.

The answer is that each person dial it down a notch.  We are all in need of an inventory of ourselves.  We need to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around us and who’s on our friend list.  Every life matters.  None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes.  We all get upset.  When we get upset at someone who isn’t in our circle, we need to do a better job with controlling our internal thermometer.   Everyone is not out to get us or purposely trying to harm us.  Yes, there are people who are a donkey’s rear end but let’s be careful not to cast that perception over the entire population.

Calming down this mad, mad, mad world starts with each of us.

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