When Prayers Get Stale

It is a challenge to maintain a consistent prayer life.  We all know the importance of prayer but if we have to be honest, sometimes it can get stale.  I know that I get tired hearing words come out of my mouth.  The same petitions daily.  It’s exciting when there is something new to pray about but when the need stretches into weeks, months or even years, it can lose a little steam.  

Trust me, I have said many times that prayer would be a whole lot easier if God talked to us like we do each other.  It can often feel like a one-sided conversation or even that we are talking to ourselves.  Prayer is about communicating with God but honestly it doesn’t seem like it sometimes. 

So what can we do when prayer gets stale?  What can we do to freshen it up?

  1. Stop asking and start thanking.  It’s easy to get stuck always asking God to do things.  The Bible says we should but it can make our prayer life weak when we are always asking.  Make some time to just thank Him for things and reminisce about prayers He has answered in the past.  Your faith will be stronger when you do that.  
  2. Pray for other people.  Just pray for people that pop into your head.  If you know their need or what they are going through spend time praying for others.  If you aren’t sure what to pray for ask.  Most people aren’t going to be offended if you want to pray for them.  
  3. Stop doing all the talking.  Be quiet.  You will be surprised how hard this is.  If you need help just focus on thinking about a verse to keep your mind engaged.  
  4. Listen to music.  Music is very uplifting and encouraging.  It will energize you and your prayer life when nothing else can.  I have found that lyrics in a song can say things better than I can say and stirs my emotion.  
  5. Listen to the Bible.  Yes I said LISTEN instead of read.  Listening to the dramatized version of the Bible can speak to you in ways like never before.  I have mentioned this before and some thought I was crazy for suggesting it.  All I can tell you is that it worked for me when my prayers needed a boost.  Try it.  You will be amazed.  

Honestly, maintaining a prayer life is hard.  There are so many distractions that can get in the way of meaningful and emotionally involved prayer.  When it gets stale, you need to do whatever works for you to make it fresh again.  One of the worst mistakes I have made was to stop praying altogether.  Trust me.  If you stop, it will be even more difficult to start again.  

God has never answered me audibly and there was a time when that really frustrated me.  I didn’t understand it or I didn’t think I was holy enough for Him to speak to me.  I still wish He would but I know that He works in many ways.  I refuse to let that hinder me in doing what I know to do to communicate with Him.  I really can’t explain it.  I wish I could convince you but I can’t.  It just simply takes doing it to experience it.  

Don’t let your prayers get stale.  Freshen it up and keep it going.  

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