Twas the Day of the State Championship


Twas the day of the state championship game, when all through my house,

No one else was stirring but me in the house;

My Demon shirt was worn with excitement,

In hopes that my Sports Mic app would be on soon;

I settled in my chair and not in the bed,

While visions of touchdowns danced in my head,

My wife could hear every cheer and groan,

And that was just the pregame show on.

When out on the lawn I hear something annoying,

I wondered aloud what was happening.

I sprang to my window like a Burnett touchdown run,

Burst out of the door and sacked a strange man.

He went down like a hit from Bobby Kelly,

I suddenly realized he had a big belly.

I should have been flagged so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment I had tackled St. Nick.

I helped him up as he brushed himself off,

He picked up his bag and gave a big cough.

I apologized profusely and tried a hail mary,

Like a pass from Dylan into the secondary.

As I drew my head and was turning around,

Santa smiled as he looked at the ground.

He sprung to his sleigh like Tyler on a fade route,

And away he flew on his way out

He shouted “Merry Christmas to you and goooooo Demons!”

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