Christmas Unwrapped

Unwrapped-PresentsAll the build up to this day is finally over. Weeks of shopping, Christmas music and all the activities are finally over. The gifts have been opened and the anticipation is over.

The Christmas hangover.

Christmas afternoon is a very strange feeling. It always has been. Kids are playing with their toys. We have probably heard one too many stories from Uncle Ernie by now. By this time of the day most people are bored. Droves of people will now head to the movie theaters while others will wonder around aimlessly not knowing what to do with themselves.

I’m just glad to have some down time. No work today. That’s a gift in itself. There’s no law against listening to Christmas music because it is still Christmas.

Everybody just take a deep breath and enjoy doing nothing. It’s okay. You’re allowed.

One of my fondest memories of Christmas afternoon was playing football with my cousins in Lake City. I was thinking about that today as I remembered some Christmas days from my childhood. I always thought more of my athletic ability than it really was. I’m sure they “let” me score a touchdown or catch a pass then tell me what a good play I had made. I’m sure I rolled around in the grass and maybe got a grass stain. Yes, I know. I was known as “the clean child” apparently. Shocking that I risked getting dirty.

So here we are. Christmas Day. It’s a strange day where most stores are closed. You can still go to the Waffle House or run to CVS to get those batteries you forgot. Some people will just be stir crazy and just have to go somewhere. I know because I’m that person. It’s funny how we spent most of our time at work and we work to pay the rent or mortgage yet when we can stay home we can’t seem to enjoy it. When you are infected with the wanderlust bug that’s what you do.

It’s a strange day today, like no other day of the year.


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I feel compelled to write. It's just something I do. I have always heard that "everything happens for a reason". I feel like I write for a reason.

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