I’m Having Christmas Withdrawals

treeThis morning I ate my last bowl of Christmas crunch.  Christmas is officially over.

Yesterday, my wife and I took down all of our Christmas decorations, packed them up and put them away for the next 10 months. Later, I sat there on the sofa staring at the empty spot where the Christmas tree was once shining brightly.  I looked around the house, there is no longer evidence of Christmas anywhere.

That makes me sad.

I am having some serious withdrawals.

No, I don’t miss the stress and the rushing around. I miss the season. The lights and the feeling of Christmas. As we watched the last Hallmark Christmas movie and it transitioned into a Full House Marathon, the cold hard reality has hit me. Now it’s just winter. Today it is back to work and back to the normal routine. I don’t like normal. Heck, I’m not normal.

So here we are. Christmas is over. No more Christmas songs and I no longer have the lights of the tiny lit tree in the home office greeting me each time I enter the room. I’m seriously trying to get past Christmas. It will take me a few days.

Believe me, it has crossed my mind to move to the North Pole or maybe Santa Claus, Indiana where Christmas lasts a little longer. I thought about the Christmas store in Clearwater, Florida that is open year round. Don’t worry, I’m not packing to move to these places. Just a fleeting thought. Reality wins again.

I will miss entertaining my wife with quotes I know from watching the Christmas movies or trying to tell her what other movies the actors have been in. I won’t be watching the “Mistletoe Promise” or “A Christmas Melody” for another time although I am reading the “Mistletoe Promise” book by Richard Paul Evans (which is quite different from the movie).

Okay, January is not going to be bad. We are anticipating the arrival of our second grandchild and hopeful for changes for us in the year ahead. We have enough to keep us busy and Christmas will back with us again before we realize it.

I have been singing that old Christmas song by Elvis Presley that everyday should be like Christmas. What a wonderful world that would be. Well, our credit card couldn’t handle it so I guess it’s a good thing we take a break.

No need to worry.  I won’t need any counseling or have to speak to a therapist about it.  Christmas is over.  I’m not happy about it but if Christmas was every day then it probably wouldn’t be as special.

Only 357 days until Christmas!!!


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I feel compelled to write. It's just something I do. I have always heard that "everything happens for a reason". I feel like I write for a reason.

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