First Day of a New Life

Yesterday another life was created. Our second grandchild was born and we welcomed her on her first day on Earth. When I have a chance to think about it, it really is quite amazing that yesterday was the first day of her life.

Life will change for her parents and even more for her two-year-old brother who will soon learn the lessons of sharing and what it means to be a big brother.

Life is a precious thing. We enter it so delicately but it changes as we grow older. We learn bad habits and unhealthy diets which become a part of our lives. I think we would all like a do-over. Unfortunately, we don’t get a chance to start over. We have to live with our mistakes. Those mistakes form us and we learn to adjust to the changes of life.

I often watch movies or read fiction that deal with alternative reality. A lot of wondering about what would have happened if? What if we had made a different decision at a crucial point in our lives? What if we had not missed the bus? So many things forge the course of our journey.

The first day of life is an amazing thought. Looking down at the innocent face of a newborn and seeing the first step in her life’s journey. Her only thought today is to stay warm. That is her priority. Her priorities will change in the years ahead.

So many things form us from our parents, our family, our education and the many people that come into our lives. I think about how some people come into our lives for a brief time while others are in our lives throughout our life. I have been influenced by both. You learn lessons from people and your the choices you make.

Are there things we wished we had done differently? Absolutely. We all have those times that we look back upon but we can’t dwell on them because none of us can go back in time and change it. We keep moving forward. We are all given time and chance each day.

As I looked at her face and hear the first sounds she makes, I am honored to be one of the many people who will be a part of her life. She is lucky to have the folks that welcomed her into the world. They are all good people and I am glad to be a part of that. Each one of us will add a little something to her life and she will learn life through us all. While it is an honor, it is also a huge responsibility.

Life is a miracle but it isn’t an accident and while there is time and chance along the way, there will be wise people to guide us.

Yesterday was first day of another’s journey.

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