Does Mike Fisher’s Return = Stanley Cup?

mikeFisherPreds-1Mike Fisher has announced he will return to play for the Nashville Predators this season.  The Smashville nation is loving it.  Judging by the hundreds of posts on social media, the National Hockey League (NHL) should go ahead an etch the Nashville Predators on the Stanley Cup trophy.

Sorry, but I’m not in the majority on this.   I don’t think Mike Fisher’s return is going to make any difference.  I’m very skeptical of this development.  The Predators were already close to winning the cup with Mike Fisher in the lineup last year and it didn’t help.  I’m just wondering how it will affect this year’s team chemistry.  Call me crazy but I don’t think it’s going to help.  While the Predators are fighting for first place in the Central Division, they have some serious holes in their play such as:

  • Turning over the puck too many times in the defensive zone.  This one kills me.  Yes, the Predators have some awesome defenseman but giving up the puck on an errant pass or getting the puck stolen by the opponent is killing us.
  • Inability to score.  We’ve got players who are supposed to be goal scorers yet the Predators struggle to score.

Sorry Preds fans but Mike Fisher is not the answer.  Coming out of retirement is not going to guarantee us the Stanley Cup.

According to the Tennessean, Fisher’s comeback will be short, lasting through the conclusion of this season and that’s it.  He will be retired for real after this.  Okay, so that leaves me wondering, what if the Predators’ don’t win the Cup or what if they lose it in Game 7?  What difference will it make then?

Trust me, I would like nothing better than the ending of Fisher leading the Predators to a Stanley Cup.  I WANT that to happen.  I am certainly not against it but the playoffs are long and grueling.  A team has to win 16 games to win the Cup.  It’s a long road.  Won’t it be even more of an empty feeling if the Predators fall short of winning the Cup?

Mike Fisher has played 17 seasons – and now another 1/2 will be added to that.  He scored 18 goals and had 24 assists last season.  In the playoffs he failed to score a goal and was injured in the conference final.

In 2000, Mario Lemeiux, returned to the Pittsburgh Penguins after a three-year retirement.  The Penguins lost the Conference Finals to New Jersey.    Lemeiux had already won a Cup with the Penguins in 1992.

As a Predators’ fan, I am hopeful that Fisher’s return will put over the top but I am not going to put the burden of winning the Cup on his shoulders.

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