Life Without Sodas

no-sodaOver a year ago I decided to wean myself from my daily dose of drinking sodas. My poison of choice had always been Dr. Pepper. It was a daily habit.  I decided that I would try to develop a healthier habit and try to drink water.  The main reason I wanted to live a soda free life was to lose weight. Although I have lost a few pounds, it hasn’t been a drastic weight loss but there have been many more benefits to go without the daily dose of caffeine and sugary drinks.

In the beginning it was tough. I won’t lie to you.  I had to fight through some withdrawals and annoying headaches but it didn’t take long for me to adjust to water as my main source of drink. I am not totally a water-only drinker now. I do have an occasional sweet tea. I mean, it’s a Southern thing after all right? If I feel the need for a little taste of something I will go for a PowerAde or Juice. I won’t say I’m not tempted by the soda machine or my old friend the Doctor – especially during the summer months – but I crave a cold water more now.

During this year I have seen other advantages to drinking water such saving money when we go out to eat. Drinking water saves probably $3.00 on the bill. It also saves some on the grocery bill too since I no longer have to put them in the shopping cart.

I feel better without drinking sodas as well.  I crave a cold water more now than anything else.  There is nothing that satisfies my thirst more than water.  Instead of running to the soda machine and getting a Dr. Pepper, filtered water works just fine for me now.  Another good thing is that water doesn’t lose its taste like sodas do when they lose their fizz.

Drinking too many sodas can cause a lot of negative effects in your body.  Carbonated sodas contain no beneficial nutrients but plenty of calories and sugar.   Consider this – one 12 ounce can of soda has 39 grams of sugar which is the same as popping 10 whole sugar cubes.  As for those “diet” sodas, they may be calorie-free (as well as taste-free) but that doesn’t mean it is any better.

I won’t say that I will never drink another soda but I really don’t plan on going back now.  I don’t need the sugar rush or headaches from the habit of needing to drink a soda.  I also like trying different kinds of water now.  My favorite water is Iceland Glacial Natural Spring water or Fuji water – yes the one in the square bottle.  My least favorite is Aquafina.  So, yes, I’m a water  aficionado now and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

water-bottle-537x402If you want to go soda-free, here are some things I would suggest:

  1. Take it slowly.  Don’t go cold turkey.  Wean yourself off of sodas.  In the beginning I would drink one mini-can of soda until I didn’t need it anymore.
  2. If you HAVE to have a carbonated beverage, try some of the sparkling beverages.  I guess that’s good but you won’t need the bubbly in your water.
  3. Drink juice in the morning to kick-start your day.
  4. Find YOUR brand of water.  You might have to try a few to find the one that works best for you.
  5. Don’t ignore filtered water.

I won’t promise you that you will lose a ton of weight because you won’t but I can tell you that you will feel better and you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

According to here are their rankings of the top eight bottled waters:

  1. Mountain Valley Spring Water
  2. Voss
  3. Nestle Pure Life
  4. Fiji Natural Artesian Water
  5. Evian
  6. Dasani
  7. Aquafina
  8. Smartwater


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