Adjusting Your Own Attitude

Young Man Suffering For Depression

When I was growing up getting an attitude adjustment related to a belt. A trip to the “woodshed” usually fixed it. We never actually have a woodshed but you understand what I mean. I usually got my attitude adjusted fairly quickly.  It’s a little different now.  When you are an adult what do you do to adjust your own attitude? You can’t use the belt on yourself. Well, I suppose you could but I really wouldn’t want to know about all that.

Have you ever had those days that you were in an ill mood? We all have those times when we simply get in a bad mood.  It’s a challenge when you get in a funk and just need to find some way to shake it off?

And….if you are married or in a relationship, being in a bad mood can cause a lot of problems because if you are short or snappy, it will only make matters worse. Believe me, that’s not how you want this to go. Instead of a woodshed you end up in the dog house. Sometimes you will wish to have the woodshed.  When you are ill or moody, you risk some consequences you really don’t want to encounter as a collateral damage due to your mood.

So can you do anything to adjust your own attitude and shake yourself out of an ill mood? Here are seven things that might help:

  1. Own it. Be honest with yourself and don’t blame others for it. This is a huge step because some times we don’t want to admit that it is our fault.
  2. Take action. Don’t just sit around and mope about it. Doing nothing only makes it worse.
  3. Take a long hot shower or bath.  Sometimes the body needs something refreshing to wake it up.  If you really want the shock factor you might take a cold shower.
  4. Drink lots of water.  Water intake sometimes helps you with the physiological things going on in your body.  I don’t have any scientific facts here but I think it helps.
  5. Get some fresh air.  Don’t fall into the trap of just staying inside and parked on the sofa.  Get up and go outside – even if it is for a few minutes.  If it’s nice weather, go for a walk.
  6. Treat yourself.  When you are in an ill mood, it is probably a good excuse to spoil yourself.  Do whatever works for you.  People like to go shopping, eat their favorite food or go to a move.  I think you are allowed to do something for yourself to snap out of being in a funk.
  7. Exercise.  This one is hard because if you are in an ill mood then most likely you are definitely not in a mood for exercise but if you push through it and do something then you will increase the chances of pulling yourself out of a bad mood.

We all experiences times of being in a bad mood.  It happens.  That’s part of life.  The most frustrating part is usually we have no idea why we are in a funk or the source of our bad mood.  The important thing to do about it is to do something because sitting around and waiting for it to lift usually doesn’t get you out of it.  I call it one of those days that I have to “push through” and make an effort.  Don’t just surrender to it.  It is also a good idea to get away from social media because it’s a good chance that you will read something that will piss you off and add to the mood.

When I’m experiencing one of these times, I typically say that I’m getting on my own nerves.  The funny thing about that is that you can’t get away from yourself.  You are ALWAYS there.  You can’t get any alone time from yourself so you have to face up to this mood and do whatever works for you to get out of it.  So make the effort and do what you can to make the bad mood go away and enjoy your life.


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